Here is another magical garden entered into our annual Fairy Garden Contest.

I love how this Fairy Garden sits in the middle of the deck… perfect for a little pink fairy to play with for hours and hours. I’m sure it’s transformed the deck into a play space for this lucky girl… just look at her happy smile!

Kitty loves how the white picket fence has made such interesting places for fairy play… there is a pretty pebble path, a twig house for a gnome, a magical patio with a table for mealtimes. There is a pond for water play and a fun tire swing.

Teddy is seriously impressed with the rope ladder… he’s sitting on the floor at this moment, making one for his own Fairy Garden. Thank you, Grace, for such magical inspiration.

Fairy Gardens on The Magic Onions -

Fairy Gardens on The Magic Onions -

Fairy Gardens on The Magic Onions -

Fairy Gardens on The Magic Onions -

Fairy Gardens on The Magic Onions -

Fairy Gardens on The Magic Onions -

Fairy Gardens on The Magic Onions -

Fairy Gardens on The Magic Onions -

To see more photos of Grace’s magical Fairy Garden, visit HERE.

C’mon, friends… don’t miss out on making your own magical gardens!

Here are the important Fairy Garden links :

Enter the Fairy Garden Contest here (and check out all the other magical gardens already entered).

For more Fairy Garden inspiration, please click HERE or visit the ‘Fairy Garden’s’ tab above on the navigation bar.

Here’s a link to purchase the cutest Fairy Garden Kit.

And, here’s my Pinterest Fairy Garden Page… follow it to see all the cute Fairy Gardens I find.

Click here to see the amazing PRIZES you and your little ones can win…

Fairy Garden Contest :: The Magic Onions ::

Sparkle on, Fairy Gardeners!

Blessings and magic,



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4 Responses

  1. That is such a beautiful garden. I don’t have any small children at home but I am seriously considering making one for myself to add to my backyard. I love all the details. I am sure any fairies would be thrilled to spend time in your garden :)

    1. Thank you, Mistress Arawynn :-)
      Oh yes… go ahead and make a Fairy Garden. My kids LOVE making their Fairy Gardens but, to be completely honest, I think I love it EVEN more! It’s magical childhood imaginings all over again.
      Be sure to link your garden in our contest… would really like to see it.
      Blessings and magic,

  2. I love the little fences and paths, they were very important to me as a child. I loved creating roads and villages when I was little

  3. Thank you all for the very kind words regarding my daughter’s fairy garden. It has been a great pleasure for me to do this with her! She is excited every single morning when she wakes up to see what the fairy’s brought her. And if they’ve been away for a few days, she always leaves behind fairy dust!

    It has certainly grown since we last posted, so watch our blog for more updates on the garden if you want to follow along.

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