Welcome to Friday’s Nature Table, where we share our nature inspired crafts and activities.

Each week I feature a post from the week before. Teddy has just discovered that rocks ROCK!! He was so excited to pour over these rocks … we’ll be making our own ‘rock-o-torium’ for sure.

Exploring Rocks with children

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I’m excited to see what wonderful things you have all been up to.

Blessings and magic,


3 Responses

  1. Teddy’s rock display is just wonderful! A rockotorium is such a good idea! Thank you as always for hosting this lovely collection Donni.

  2. We have a love for gems and stones as well! We have even found them at our Thrift Store, in fact I found a large egg just the other day to add to our collection. I have to now try to identify the stone. Some of our collection is displayed in a small cabinet but it would be nice to make a museum display as well!!
    Thanks for hosting Donni,
    ~ joey ~

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