Here is the winner of the 2013 Fairy Garden Contest – such a magical fairy garden made by Brandi and her two creative children, Franki and Shaymus. This garden is a pure delight, packed full of to the brim of everything a fairy or gnome would ever wish for. Franki and Shaymus and their mom have made everything in this garden with their own little hands and we can just imagine the fun they had together as they crafted this enchanting space. What I love the most about this fairy garden is that it is clearly a place that has ignited the imaginations of these two young children. I can see that they play in their fairy gardens and it reminds me, a little nostalgically, of when my sweet little ones were this young. Childhood is truly a magical land.

Enchanting Fairy Garden : Winner : 2013 Fairy Garden Contest

I love how they have scoured their environment to find the bits and bobs needed to make all these things… nature bits and objects that have been re-purposed into fairy-sized delights… look at the pretty hammock, the fabric and stick teepee, the old-pipe wishing well. There is a button wind-chime, a stick and ribbon May pole. There are tiny upholstery tack toadstools and branch slice tables and chairs. There are cocktail umbrellas and a sweet little felt garland. And animals and fairies everywhere!!

Thank you, Brandi and your sweet little fairy enthusiasts, for sharing this beautiful glimpse into a memory your family will cherish for a very long time.

Enchanting Fairy Garden

Enchanting Fairy Garden : Winner : 2013 Fairy Garden Contest

Fairy Garden -

Fairy Garden -

Fairy Garden -

Fairy Garden -

Fairy Garden -

Fairy Garden -

Click here if you want to see more photos of this fantastic fairy garden.

Brandi and her sweet ones have won SUCH a fabulous prize… a $100 gift certificate to Bela Luna Toys. Oh, what will you choose from all of Sarah’s enchanting toys?

Fairy Gardens :: 2013 :: The Magic Onions ~

First Prize :: $100 Spending Spree at the magical toyshop Bella Luna Toys

Second Prize :: 6 Month Subscription to Mariposa Forest worth $50

Third Prize :: $25 Spending Spree at the Miniature Garden Shoppe

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered this year… all of your gardens were utterly enchanting and it was the hardest task to choose only 3 winners. In my mind, you are ALL winners and the greatest prize you all won was the magical time you had making your Fairy Garden. Thank you for sharing in the fun with me… please play again next year!

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  1. I’m so happy you liked my garden! Thank you! -Franki (4yrs)
    It’s going to be hard to decide on what to pick, so many lovely toys and goodies! :)
    Thanks again, Donni and Bela Luna Toys

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