The fairies get so excited when it’s time to let you know that the Magic Craft Boxes are on their way! They dart around in quite a state as we package up the craft kits and as a little bit of fairy dust spills into each box, it true to say that you will literally be opening a box of fairy magic when your package arrives.

We have put together quite a treat for you in our Autumn Magic Craft Boxes…

Magic Craft Box : Autumn / Fall :

You and your little ones will be making Fall Gnomes with acorn hats and wildly woolly hair :

Make Pretty Autumn Gnomes : Magic Craft Box :


Fall is a time for lanterns as we welcome shorter days and longer evenings. Taking our kids on an Autumn Lantern Walk has become one of our fall family traditions and as we have made our fairy lanterns already, we are eagerly looking forward to this special time together. This Autumn Magic Craft Box contains everything you’ll need to make your own this year.

Magic Craft Box : Fall Lantern Waldorf Craft :

Autumn gives us so many beautiful gifts. We use brightly colored autumn leaves, walnuts shells and tree seed pods to make these adorable gnome and fairy boats.

Fall Magic Craft Box : Walnut Leaf Boats : Waldorf Craft :

And, to bring a little magic into our Autumn season, we make these enchanting magic toadstools.

Magic Craft Box Craft : Autumn : Magic Toadstools :


 Life is busy. We often don’t have the time to find all of the goodies we need to make the things we’d like to make with our children. We mean to, we have good intentions, but stuff gets in the way. Sometimes we don’t know where to find all the materials. Often the local craft store doesn’t carry what we need… well, now we have The Magic Craft Box! Everything you’ll need to make these beautiful handmade treasures with your children, mailed straight to your doorstep, ready and waiting for when you have a little free time to make magic with your children.

One thing is for sure… you’ll make happy memories as you craft together.

Click here if you want to find out more about how The Magic Craft Box works.

Here are some more photo of my kids having fun as they crafted up an Autumn storm.

Making an Autumn Leaf Boat :

Making Magic Toadstools using Walnut Shells :

Autumn Magic Craft Box : Fall Gnomes :

Magic Craft Box : Fall Gnomes :

Autumn Magic Craft Box : Lantern :

Happy Fall,

Blessings and magic,



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  1. Hi! This is such a great idea! My big boy is 4 and after collecting many treasures we have started to create a seasonal table. But it is lacking personality and needs some gnomes, plus we have many cousins and friends that would like gnomes for Christmas. Where do you source your people turning pegs? Or could I possibly buy some from you? Thanks!

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