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Make a Beautiful Winter Wonderland Snow Globe

We made the most delightful snow globe. It doesn’t snow here in Southern California so, while the rest of the country was experiencing blizzards and snow storms, we set about making our own winter wonderland in a snow globe.

Make a Snow Globe in a Mason Jar :

Christmas Snow Globe

Make a Winter Wonderland Snow Globe :

 These are the goodies we needed :

  • A glass jar
  • A tiny deer
  • A tiny tree
  • A wood stump
  • 1 tbl spoon of Glitter
  • Waterproof Glue
  • RibbonMake a Winter Wonderland Snow Globe :


Note about the glue. We used super glue (crazy glue) because it is waterproof when dry. It’s not so child-friendly and I did most of the gluing.

We will be working with the upturned lid of the jar. Use the glue to stick the wood stump in the middle of the upturned lid. Press firmly down for 30 seconds.

Make a Winter Wonderland Snow Globe :

Now, place glue on the feet of the tiny deer and set it in its place on the wood stump (remember to leave enough space for the little tree too). Apply another little blob of glue to each hoof (to make sure it sticks fast). Apply glue to the base of the tree and stick it in place. Leave to set completely for 4 hours.


Make a Winter Wonderland Snow Globe :

After 4 hours, pour the magic glitter snow into the jar. Fill the jar with water to about half an inch from the very top of the jar. Stir it carefully to allow most of the glitter to sink to the bottom.

Make a Winter Wonderland Snow Globe :

Very carefully and slowly, turn the lid of the jar upside down in your hands and (slowly) insert it into the water. Try not to let any water spill from the top of the jar as this will get glitter into the thread and the lid might not seal completely. If you find that you have filled your jar with too much water, use a teaspoon to take a little water out.

Make a Winter Wonderland Snow Globe :

Seal the jar and turn your Snow Globe the right way up. Tie and stick a pretty red ribbon onto the lid and your magical winter wonderland is complete.

Make a Winter Wonderland Snow Globe :

It’s such fun to shake it to make a winter blizzard and watch the snow slowly settle on the tree and deer.

If you don’t know where to find the goodies you need to make this super cute snow globe, I have a complete kit set for sale in The Magic Onions Shop here – Snow Globe Kit.

Happy Holiday Crafting,

Blessings and magic,


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