Tutorial for Warm Knitted Fingerless Gloves

Everyone needs new gloves for winter (or Spring or Autumn… gosh darn… I’d even wear these gloves in summer!)

Lori, from Beneath the Rowan Tree  is here with her tutorial on how to make them. The tutorial is written for kids and she says that they can be knitted in an evening … perhaps they’d take a little longer for me (I’m still a beginner knitter) but I’d be over the moon to be able to knit these beauties in front of the warm fire in a few days. Have a go, friends… Kitty and I going to! How sweet we’ll look with a mom/daughter matching pair.


The ‘Stay Warm’ mittens are perfect hand warmers for kids on cool mornings!

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One of the prominent principles in Waldorf education is the concept of warmth, and its importance physically, emotionally and developmentally for children.

Although we are happy homeschoolers these days, these mittens were inspired by my little one’s chilly fingers while waiting for the bus on nippy northern Ontario mornings!

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The mittens pictured are made with my very favourite colorway, on my very favourite yarn:

Green String’s ‘McKenzie’s Rainbow’ on worsted weight Purewool single ply merino.

And the very best part?  The mittens used so little that I still have lots left for many other projects!

This pattern is written for children age 3-8, or thereabouts (real, technical, huh?).

Pictured on an average 6 year old’s hands.

For an older child,(6,7,8) I would suggest making a shorter wrist cuff for a better fit at the cuff opening.


Size 7 US double pointed needles (dpns)

Approx. 1.25 oz. of Worsted Weight yarn

2 Stitch Markers

A few yards of a contrasting colour for rosettes (optional)


K = knit

P = purl

Increase by knitting into the front and back of the increase stitch.


Cast on 32 stitches (loosely) and distribute evenly on your DPNs.

Work in K2 P2 ribbing until your cuffs reach the desired length.

The pictured mitts have 4″ cuffs.

Knit around 5 times/rows.

Purl the next two rounds.

Knit 4 rounds.

Purl 2 rounds.

Knit one round.

Begin shaping thumb:

1:  Knit 2, increase 1 in the next stitch. Place Marker.  Knit the remainder of this round until 3

stitches remain. Place marker. Increase one stitch in the next stitch, knit 2.

2: Knit

3: Knit until 1 stitch before your marker, increase one stitch. Slip marker, knit to the second

marker. Slip Marker. Increase one stitch. Knit to end of row. (36 stitches on needles)

4: Knit

Repeat rows 3 & 4 until you have 46 stitches.

On the last Knit row, knit to the second marker. Slip marker. Knit 3. Bind off the next 14 stitches

(this will create the thumb).

Continue to knit until the mitten is as long as you would like~ I find that for my 6 year old

daughter, I need only do 2 rows in knit before proceeding to the ribbing to finish off.

Do 5 rounds in K2P2 ribbing.

Cast off knitwise.

Weave in your ends.

Add a stitch or two to the thumb gusset as needed to clean it up where it separates from the body
of the mitten.

Rosettes: I simply used a doubled strand of contrasting yarn and a needle.

Weave in the ends, and bring the needle through to the front between the two stripes of purl stitching. Make a French Knot by wrapping the yarn twice around the needle. Secure your ends (and don’t leave any loops behind the rosettes for little fingers to catch on the way in!).


Please feel free to adapt (or improve!) as your heart desires.

If you do want to share the pattern, or adapt and share it, or sell the mitts you make with it, do so with my blessing. It would be wonderfully courteous if you would also include a link back to my blog and credit the pattern to me (Lori Campbell/ Beneath the Rowan Tree). Stay warm! ♥♥

Beneath the Rowan Tree has been making hand dyed and handmade children’s toys since 2007. Artisan Lori Campbell has recently quit her 20 year career to focus on BTRT full time (along with parenting and homeschooling).  To bring this dream to full life BTRT has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a line of hand dyed wool yarns and a studio.  Please visit the Kickstarter at
http://tinyurl.com/Kickin-itBTRT — and consider becoming part of the project as a backer, receiving some wonderful hand dyed rewards and sharing the link with others. They have until March 5th to meet their funding goal.  This tutorial comes from the Beneath the Rowan Tree blog.

©Photos and text Copyright Lori Campbell/ Beneath the Rowan Tree, 2014.



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