Important NOTE : The winners of the Fairy Garden Contest will be announced in September. I’m sorry for the delay but it’s taking a little longer than anticipated to pick just 4 winners from such enchanting entries. I’ll give you an update soon, I promise. Thanks for your patience.

It is with GREAT excitement that I pronounce the 2014 Fairy Garden Contest (drum roll… cutting ribbon with my big, shiny scissors) OPEN!

Please sign up to receive delightful Fairy Garden tips and special features… BONUS : subscribers go into the monthly draw to win special gifts from The Magic Onions Shop.

Magic Friends, get out your tiny rakes and trowels… find some moss and magic… and make a Fairy Garden!

Fairy Garden Contest :


1. Make a Fairy Garden.

2. Share your fairy Garden with us by :

a) Writing a blog post about your Fairy Garden that shows photos of your magical creation.


b) share photos of your Fairy Garden on your Facebook Page. Make sure your Facebook page is open to the public so we can see your garden. If your page is private, share your Fairy Garden photos on MY  Facebook Wall – ( so that we can see them.

c) email me photos of your Fairy Garden ( donni(at)theMagicOnions(dot)com ) . I will post your photos on my Facebook Page and add your link to the entry form below.

3. Enter your Fairy Garden into the contest by adding a link to it in the link form below. Using the link form is easy :

The first box is for your name (first names or blog names are fine).

The second box is where you add the link to your Fairy Garden (if it’s in a blog post, put the URL of the specific Fairy Garden blog POST in this box… if it’s a photo on Facebook, add a link to the photo on your Facebook page. Please remember to add the link to the specific blog post URL and not the address of your entire blog… ditto for Facebook… please add the URL address of the photo on your page. Any deviations will be deleted.

4. If you are entering through a post on your blog, please be sure to link back to this Fairy Garden Contest page so that others seeing your sweet garden will be inspired to enter the contest too. You can use the button graphic above with pleasure.

5. If you are entering through your Facebook page, please make sure you ‘Like‘ The Magic Onions on Facebook  AND add a link to my Facebook page – this will ensure that so that Facebook will let me know your photo is up… here is my Facebook page –

6. Anyone, anywhere, can enter. The winners will be chosen from different categories so everyone has a chance to be a winner… from the very youngest to the oldest granny. Prizes will be shipped anywhere in the world.

7. Please share this contest wherever you can… blog about it, share it on your Facebook page, Pin it, Tweet it… tell your friends about it. Making a Fairy Garden is such a wonderful gift to share with your friends.

8. The Fairy Garden Contest will close on 7 August 2014 and the winners will be announced on the 10th August, 2014.

9. By entering and/or sharing your gardens with me, you are giving me permission to share your photos.

You may submit as many Fairy Gardens as you like.

If you need any kind of Fairy Garden inspiration, check out my Fairy Garden Page where you’ll see photos of all the gorgeous gardens from the previous years.

I’ll be announcing the BEYOND AWESOME prizes soon.

Important Fairy Garden Links :

Fairy Garden Page with lots of photos, links and ideas.

2014 Fairy Garden Contest Rules and Entry Form

Detailed Tutorial on How To Make A Fairy Garden

AWESOME Prizes for the 2014 Fairy Garden Contest

Prizes : Fairy Garden Contest : The Magic

Fairy Gardens : Pinterest : The Magic Onions

Last year we had over 270 entries… let’s see if we can top this number in 2014!

Happy gardening, Magic Friends.

Blessings and magic,




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7 Responses

  1. Thank you for hosting the contest…it always inspires me to make my own fairy garden!
    I also want to double check if you got my fairy garden entry? Because it’s not on the page with the other gardens….

    ;) Maya

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