There’s a Pokemon Craze going on at The Sunny House.

Which is funny because, until a few days ago, my children never knew something called ‘Pokemon’ ever existed.

They watched a few kids at the park exchanging cards and now Pokemon cards are a must-have.

When they asked if we could buy some Pokemon cards, of course the answer from (mean) mom was NO.

After a few minutes of sulking, I heard Kitty come up with a great idea… Let’s MAKE our own, Teddy, she said.

Many hours later, and access to Pokemon pictures on the iPad, they now have a retinue of Pokemon cards.

They couldn’t be happier.

Pokemon Craze : the Magic Onions.comPokemon Craze : the Magic Onions.comPokemon Craze : the Magic Onions.comPokemon Craze : the Magic Onions.comPokemon Craze : the Magic Onions.comPokemon Craze : the Magic


It’s so cool to me to see how happy they are with the toys they make. Their handmade toys don’t have to be perfect, which is always a surprise to me. I expect them to look at their hand drawn creations and exclaim that they are not ‘glossy’ or ‘exactly the same’, but they don’t. In fact the opposite is true… they look at what they have made and their eyes sparkle with pride in their creation.

I love it!


To help me cherish every little moment, I post a portrait of us each week. A photo of us doing every-day-little-things that I know I will miss in the years to come. When I’m missing these sweet times, I’ll come back and see that I did cherish them. I did drink them in and I did know how special it all was.

Here’s to these special, happy, days… all of them.

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Blessings and magic,

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  1. Back when my son was little Pokemon cards were the rage too. Funny how everything comes back. My mother-in-law bought most of my son’s collection and we still have them. My daughter at the time was into Beanie Babies and we have a ton of those too.

    I love the expressions on their faces and so neat that they are creating their own cards. My sister and I when we were little did crafts together and is one of my favorite memories of us together.

    I would love to see that garland on your fireplace up close-so charming.


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