Yesterday, I shared about how messy parenting can be in my post ‘Every Day, All Day and All Night… I am a Mother‘ – and how we, as parents, are always on call. Even when we are tired, sick or in a bad mood… our children need us. And this is a beautiful thing… only we can give them the special love, attention and time they deserve.

I’ve had so many wonderful comments and emails from many of you, letting me know that you were feeling the same or that you had been through the a similar experience. Many of you have grown-up children and are still on mothering-call. Hearing this makes me SO happy… to know that the miracle of being a mother never really ends. Thank you for this.

A few of you also wanted to know how my son knew about ‘hell’ and the specifics on how we dealt with the situation.

It was very surprising to me to hear him say the word ‘hell’ since we have never talked about this concept at home.

We have gently talked about it since. I’ve learned that he had been introduced to the concept (and word) by other children, which is bound to happen from time to time. We do all we can to protect our kids from scary things but it is inevitable that a certain amount of (what we (my Good Man and I) would consider) inappropriate content will filter through. When this happens, we try not to (outwardly) overreact but rather work on holding a space of trust and safety for our children to settle into, so that they can process the new information with us, in a way that is healthy and helpful. I was grateful Teddy came to me with his worries and feel so thankful to SEE he can trust me.

It’s true that protecting our children comes with it’s own set of challenges but these are challenges I want to be a part of. This experience has strengthened our belief as parents that protecting our children is a priority in our home and that, when our kids do learn about things that we would rather have protected them from, we will work together, with them, to make sense of this beautiful (but sometimes scary) world.

Thank you for your love and caring. I am so grateful for this community.

Protecting our Children : The Magic

Blessings and magic,


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  1. As a believer in Jesus I feel propelled to say that there is a Hell and being good does not keep you from going. I just wanted to share that knowing that everyone is entitled to what they believe. I am not trying to persuade anyone with these words just keeping it real for me.

    Happy Friday!

    As for the parents of older children, parenting never ends. I will always be a mom. One of the best things to hear is that they want to come home for a visit-YES! So cool!! Love that!! We must have done something right!!

    1. Hi Janet,
      Thank you for sharing. lol… I remember when one of my brothers was coming home… my mom would stock the house will all of their favorite foods. She still does :-)
      xo Donni

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