Teddy Bear Turns Seven : A Birthday Letter

May 1, 2014.

My Darling Teddy,

Today you are seven. I smile as I write this as I am thinking of when we lay in your bed last night and you whispered, in a voice full of wonder… ‘I can’t believe it… I can’t believe I will be seven!’

I can hardly believe it either. My baby is seven. But when I look at you I see how you have grown. You have sprouted into a sapling, tall and sturdy. You run like the wind. And you smile and laugh as your eyes twinkle with joy. I am so often thankful for your easy going nature, your kindness and your willingness to be a part of everything we do.

I have had some very special moments with you this year. You have a favorite song and whenever it comes on the radio, you ask me to dance. We sway together, hugging and holding each other, and, in those moments, I am acutely aware of how lucky I am to be dancing with you. I kiss you hair and feel like I could eat you up I love you so.

Another very special thing we do together is our tea ceremonies. We put a lace tablecloth on the trunk and get out our pretty tea bowls. You set out our special candles and find the treasure chest for us to choose our crystals. We light our candles and drink rose petal tea together. When we’ve had our fill, we meditate together… a full 6 minutes of sitting in the silence of each others souls. It’s beautiful for me to feel yours fluttering around my heart. Afterwards, we blow out our candles and make a wish. The last time, you said that you knew what I had wished for as our wishes were the same. I asked you what it was and you said that I’d wished for walkie talkies for you. Oh, how I loved that. I knew in that moment that you knew how much I loved you… that you really believed I had wished for the very thing you desperately wanted.

When I asked you what your most special thing of the year was, you said that it was getting Moose. But for me, it was watching the bond between you and your sister grow. I love the friendship that is blossoming between you, the genuine care and respect. Your dad and I are quite the luckiest parents in the world.

We have had a wonderful year, my Teddy Bear, and we feel ever so grateful to be on this magical journey with you.

Here are some special photos to remind us of what a super year you had when you were 6.

We love you with all our hearts,

Love Mom & Dad & Kitty.

Blessings and magic,




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4 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday! I love all the photos, but the one where he is smiling right at you is heart melting! My baby is approaching the six year change and it is being a bit of a challenge for us all….

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