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Making Magic Potions

Kitty and Teddy had such a great day yesterday. They made magic potions. All day long!

Colorful, bubbling brews. Glittering infusions in silver goblets. Magic potion spells in tiny corked bottles.

They spent hours enchanted. Magic is so much fun!


Ingredients for making magic potions : The Magic Onions :


We collected all of my silver… my silver goblets, teapots and milk jugs. And some crystal decanters too. The children raided my shop for tiny glass bottles and glitter.

We assembled the magic-making ingredients :

The two main things we needed were baking soda and vinegar. When we mix these two together, a great bubbling magic brew is made. It froths and bubbles over!

We made our magic outside as we didn’t want to inhale too much of the carbon dioxide byproduct.

We made our potions EXTRA special with these other ingredients :

Glitter (for magic), Kool Aid (for color), turmeric (for texture), salt (for fun), cinnamon (for fragrance) and a little water.


Ingredients for making magic potions : The Magic Onions :


And the fun began…


Magic potions : The Magic Onions :

“Anyone for a magic spell?”

Summer is so much fun!

Blessings and magic,


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  1. zoinks! I was totally surprised that they weren’t drinkable! :) We have a sober parent (hell no it’s not me), so we have a wide array of sparkling waters, and I guess I assumed everyone made elaborate mocktails! haha. The pictures are glorious, and the potions look very enticing, scary, and dramatic! Thanks for the fun post. xx a

    • Ha ha… Teddy tasted the blue bubbly one by licking his finger and declared that it surely must be a wicked spell :-)
      xo Donni

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