‘Mom, I’m bored’.

‘Mom, there’s NOTHING to do’.

‘MOM, Teddy’s irritating me!’

‘Mom, Kitty won’t play with me’.

I’ve heard these sentences a hundred times this summer. The summer is long.


The Magic Of Boredom :: Discovering Waldorf Education :: www.theMagicOnions.com


We dread these sentences. They make us feel bad, don’t they. They make us feel guilty, like we are not doing a good enough job of entertaining our children. Like we are letting our children down by letting them experience ‘bored’.

They make us feel like we are neglecting our children. This is when we wish we’d signed them up for those expensive summer camps… or art classes or when we wish that the summer wasn’t so long.



DON’T feel guilty or bad or dread the ‘bored’ word.

We have it wrong. Being bored is GOOD for our children.

We are NOT being good parents by making sure our children are constantly busy.

We are, in fact, doing our kids a disservice. We are keeping something really amazing FROM them.

For, it is AFTER these dreaded declarations of boredom that our children tap into something magical.

It is after they’ve traveled through the discomfort of having nothing to do, after they have flopped onto the couch in dismay and stared out of the window at the rustling leaves.

It is after this emptying of their minds that wonderful imaginings come to them. Beautiful unique thoughts and ideas.

THIS is when they find their creativity… and imagination and inspiration. It’s AMAZING to watch.

Being bored is infinitely good for our children.

So, next time our children say that they are bored, let’s smile inwardly and say ‘YES’ to our selves.

Next time our children say they are bored, let’s NOT jump to their rescue but let’s rather let them experience their boredom, travel through it and find the seam of magic that is waiting for them on the other side.

The Magic of being Bored : The Magic Onions : www.theMagicOnions.com


Let them get bored.

Blessings and magic,


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8 Responses

  1. So true! I generally think up a new story book idea when I’m bored. I wrote The House on Hare Hill while doing a craft fayre when there were no customers ALL day! Recently written draft #1 of Little Red under similar circumstances.
    Love the way you put it.

  2. I love this, it’s so true. And it’s beautifully written. We are too quick to run to their ‘rescue’ when actually the best thing for them is to have to rescue themselves! I will relish ‘I’m bored’ from now on, thank you! :) xx

  3. I’ve been saying this for years and have noticed both with my daughter and other kids I’ve taken care of that boredom does wonders!! It allows them to filter their reality, process it, and CREATE. Thank you!!!

    1. But they must surely be the cutest demolition squad around. I LOVE seeing photos of your children, Jeanene… your life reminds me so much of my own childhood. It’s magical :)
      xo Donni

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