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All About Advent : Discovering Waldorf Series

A few years ago, my sweet friend Kelly wrote a wonderful article about Waldorf and Advent for my Discovering Waldorf Series.

I loved finding it today and remembering what Advent is really all about.

Advent includes the four Sundays prior to Christmas, a time of inner searching, introspection and anticipation.

It is through the darkness of the Earth we await the birth of a new inner light to warm our hearts and strengthen our thoughts and deeds. This is manifested in the Christ Child of light born on the night of Christmas. All the kingdoms of nature – Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human – from beneath to above – await the coming birth. Advent is a journey inward to the soul, where we become aware of the eternal light that lightens our way.It is also so beautifully entwined in the northern hemisphere with Winter Solstice and the return of the Sun, and in the southern hemisphere with Summer– celebrating the Sun. Advent is a fun, joyous time for children especially. A time that will forever be etched in their memories.

For those celebrating the Advent festival, and to all spiritual beliefs and traditions, this time of year has something special for everyone – the Season of Light on so many levels… ” Read the full article The Light Of Advent, here.

Happy Advent to all.
Blessings and magic,
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