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To My Beautiful Girl on your Eleventh Birthday : Birthday Letter

My Dearest Kitty,

I feel so lucky to be your mom. You are strong and kind and thoughtful and it’s an honor to walk with you as your path opens up before us.

As you move into your second decade and your mind, body and spirit blossoms into the beautiful lotus flower you are destined to become, there are a few things I wish you to remember.

These things are true :

You are beautiful just the way you are. You are perfect! You were made this exact, unique way for a reason that will become evident as you grow older. You have a special place on this earth that only you can fulfill. Don’t waste time wishing  you were different from what you are. Instead, honor all the things that make you YOU. You have a long line of strong, beautiful, valiant ancestors who came before you to make you this exact way. It’s all part of the plan… trust this plan. We have given you little gifts of ourselves that have mixed together to make the miracle that is you. You are beautiful just the way your are. You are perfect!

Your body will change in magnificent ways. There are divine reasons for these changes and you must embrace them for the gifts they are. You are becoming a goddess, like me and like gran and like all the women who came before us. I am here to hold your hand, every step of your goddess journey. I am honored to be your guide. Trust me, knowing that I hold your trust sacred in my heart. I look forward to us being goddesses together. We are beautiful just the way we are. We are perfect!

Your gifts are considerable. Share them with the world.

I love you with all my heart.

Love Mom.


Here is an excerpt from your most recent writing that I want us to remember. Wow… you are only (newly) eleven!


A carriage rattled along the paved streets of London. The horses galloped gallantly passed the shops filled whit bustling customers. The driver cracked his whip, sending the market’s livestock into a frenzy of feathers and fur. Wheels turning rapidly, the carriage banked sharply, leaving the marketplace behind. Dark trees stooped over the path, smothering the road in a shady blanket.

At last the buggy slowed. The horses stopped. A white mansion lay before them. It’s pillars glowed in the late afternoon sun.

A single man stepped out of the carriage. He wore a top hat and walked with a cane. His hair was white, his beard long.

The doors of the grand house swung open. A plump little man appeared in the entrance. He too wore a top hat. His eyes were lined with wrinkles, indicating his jolly nature.

“Hello, Ambassador,” Boomed the little man. “How are you?” He had a deep voice for a tiny man.

“Fine.” muttered the Ambassador.

“Welcome to my humble home. Please come inside.” Lifting his top hat and revealing a bald head, the little man performed a well-practiced bow, ushering the Ambassador inside.

The mansion was more a museum than a home occupied by one person only. The halls were lined with detailed paintings of late Queens and Kings of England.

The little man opened a side door along the entrance hall.

“Please, Your Honor, this way.” The stout little man disappeared through the small door.

The Ambassador entered. The room was exceptionally large. Red leather couches were set around a smoking fireplace.
Shelves and shelves of books lined the walls.

“So, how have you been? Being Ambassador of France must be difficult, is it not?” asked the man sitting down.

“It has it’s challenges.” answered the Ambassador. “But, never-the-less, I complete them. You should too. I come with news. Bad news. The French Government has decided to no longer help you during this situation. I’m afraid, you are on your own, Governor. The girl is just too dangerous.”

“But, but, Ambassador. We must get to the bottom of this. You are the only person who can help her tame her powers. You can’t abandon the situation now.” The little Governor jumped up, worry etched into his face.

“I’m sorry, old friend, but the French Government has it’s reasons. The girl is, well, fully under your care now.”  And with that, the Ambassador left the room, followed closely behind by the protesting Governor.

“Please, Ambassador, reconsider. The girl needs you and YOU alone. She can’t manage with the teaching of an inexperienced mentor like myself. She will only fully understand her powers if you inform her that she has them. Remember, Ambassador, you were once in the same position as she is now.”

The Ambassador stopped. He turned, astonished. “How do you know that? I have never told a soul.”

“Never mind that now. Just think of the girl.” The Governor stared straight into the Ambassador’s eyes, determined to make him understand.

The Ambassador thought. What this man had said was true and he knew, deep down inside, what he needed to do. But he could not ignore the French Government’s orders to steer clear of the girl.

“The Court will never approve. I will be relieved of my duty!”

“Please, just put aside politics!” yelled the Governor. “And think of the girl. For heaven’s sake, she’s only a child. She shouldn’t have to go through this ordeal”

There was a moment of silence. Then the Ambassador sighed. “What you say is true. And I can’t deny the fact that she is only a child. Alright. I will help the girl. But, I’ll have you know Governor, I’m doing this against my own better judgement.”



Here are some photos of your special day today.

As is our birthday tradition, your gifts were wrapped in pretty silks and left on the birthday chair for you to find in the morning.

Your gifts included marbles, a sweet owl owl, a poseable figure for drawing, a pretty necklace and bracelet, a Thesaurus, a few reading books (Children of the Lamp and Guardian of the Herd) a word-finder and a Sudoku book, and two new dresses.

You have requested home-made pizza (made on Dad’s new pizza stone) for your birthday dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, your friends are coming for a ‘girls only’ party and we plan to go to see Annie at the movies and then go out for lunch… just the girls (which is very exciting for you.)



Blessings and magic,


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  1. How wonderful…..

  2. Happy Birthday to Kitty!
    Anya recently posted…THE BEST SEASON OF ALL 2014: WE ARE KEEP GOING- DAYS 26 and 27My Profile

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the way the day unfolds with the pretty wrapped gifts on the chair when the birthday girl awakens from her slumber. The gifts are so wonderful but what caught my eye was that zippered shoulder bag. Very sweet!

    Have a beautiful day!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your precious daughter. Looks like a very special and magical celebration. Lots of love in these photos. She is lucky to have you as her mum.
    Kathryn – Collage Diva recently posted…Word-for-the-Year Mandalas – 100 MandalasMy Profile

  5. What a wonderful story!! I would love to know where it goes from here! A very Happy Birthday to your daughter and thank you for sharing this special family day with us.

  6. Happiest trip around the sun to you Kitty. Your imagination and story writing is entrancing. I would love to read more! All the best to you as you enjoy your new treasures.
    Amanda recently posted…The week in betweenMy Profile

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