Oh my… how I love looking back through the years. Look at how adorable Teddy was in 2011!


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I came across these posts again… our Little House On The Prairie. and Housekeeeping.

Looking at the sweet space Kitty, Teddy and I created together gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling in my belly as I remembered what a magical time it was then. Everything seemed so new… such an adventure.

We picked up the old blue sink at a garage sale and cleared a spot in the garden to make our little house. Teddy swept away the Golden Oak leaves and made a fire pit. Kitty collected baskets and pots. We put up a washing line. We played in our Little House In The Garden for hours and hours.

I am reminded again that it’s all the little daily things we do that we remember so fondly.

Blessings and magic,


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  1. It was early spring and decided to hit the woods looking for Morels, lo & behold what I saw in front of my eyes made my jaw drop to the ground!!! There in front of me was a Fairy House built out of twigs, a tall house at that with many rooms in it along with furniture. This one of the coolest things I have ever seen!! Question is who put it there? I took the owner of the property back to the Fairy site and he was in awww too. To this day I do not know who built this. So Im going to pass this craft forward and make somebodys day that happens to be walking in the as I did…..

    1. What a magical find, Shelly. I can’t tell you how this makes my heart sing!!! My children and I have made many fairy houses in the forest and left them for others to find. We get so excited to think how they will react when the stumble on our fairy house… and now you have give me such a wonderful vision. Yay… you’ve made my day!!
      xo Donni

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