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Felted Pebbles for Earth Day


Happy Earth Day!!

What better day to tell you about my earth-friendly products in The Magic Onions Shop?

The Magic Onions Store is filled with beautiful, hand-crafted creations that are as much an honor to own as they were a joy to make.

Everything I make for the shop is handmade from natural, eco friendly materials… materials that you can feel happy to love on Earth Day.

As everything comes from nature, it is biodegradable, non-toxic and carries the magic of nature in its essence.

Look how gorgeous these felted pebbles are. They are handmade from real river pebbles and 100% natural wool in wonderful earth-friendly colors.

They make super whimsical gifts and children love playing with them too.


photo of needle felted pebbles


If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, I offer DIY kits that will teach you how to make your own felted pebbles.

It’s a fun and rewarding craft that your kids will love helping you with.


DIY felting kit photo of needle felted pebbles

Take a peek at the Felted Pebble Section and the DIY Kit Section of The Magic Onions Shop.

And, next time you are looking for that perfect gift for a loved one, please consider shopping with me. Your package will come filled with Magic Onion magic and some special surprises too.


enchanting packaging


Blessings and magic,



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Donni Webber is the mom behind the popular natural living Waldorf website and blog, The Magic Onions - where the magic of nature and the wonder of childhood collide to make each moment a precious gift. She is a photographer, writer, crafter, wife and mother of two inspiring young children. Her work has been featured in many popular publications, including HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Disney and Apartment Therapy.

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