Gold Mason Jar Vase Tutorial with Lace Butterfly and Spray Paint


Picking beautiful flowers from my garden is one of the things that makes me feel the most awesomely accomplished.


gold vase mason jar diy spray paint and butterfly lace photo


I feel such enormous pride when I can make a vase of my very own flowers for my very own home. My Good Man laughs at me a little… he doesn’t quite get why it makes me feel SO good. But it does. And, my happiness swells each time I catch a glimpse of my beautiful flowers in a vase in The Sunny House.

It’s one of the everyday joys in my life. Fancy that!

Today, not only did I pick my own flowers for my home, I made a pretty vase for them too.

I think they look enormously gorgeous.


gold spray painted mason jar tutorial photo


My gold vase was pretty easy to make. All I needed was :

* a mason jar

* a lace butterfly sticker

* washi tape (or masking tape)

* gold spray paint


We made this gourgeous flower vase by spraying a mason jar with gold spraypaint with a beautiful lace butterfly pattern. Follow the easy, step-by-step DIY Tutorial

lace butterfly motiff for a DIY gold mason jar craft photo


Method :


1. I stuck the lacy butterfly sticker to the inside of the mason jar.


Lace butterfly photo


2. I wrapped the washi tape all around the outside of the mason jar.


diy gold spray paint mason jar craft photo



diy gold spraypaint mason jar craft photo


3. I spray painted the inside of the mason jar with gold spray paint.


diy craft tutorial of gold spray paint mason jar photo


The washi tape kept the gold paint neatly inside the jar.


diy mason jar craft photo with gold spray paint


4. I carefully removed the washi and VOILA! My beautiful golden butterfly vase.


gold mason jar diy spray paint photo


Kitty tried to steal my gold mason jar vase to hold her pencils.


gold mason jar pen holder diy craft photo


But I stole it back for my camellias.


gold vase diy with a mason jar and spray paint photogold vase mason jar diy spray paint and butterfly lace photo


Happy Spring.

Blessings and magic,


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