fun photos of a child's mud kitchen


I’m sharing a post from a few years ago. It made me smile when I found it again. It’s about mud… and Teddy and how I overcame my ‘adult’ dislike of mud and allowed Teddy to have his day in the mud.

“At first I fought this mud… it got into my house, on my furniture… ALL OVER his shoes, onto our neighbors car! “PLEASE!” I would plead… “water the flowers, Teddy, fill a bucket… just DON’T make MUD!”

But of course, while I was saying this, the better mom in me was thinking… “Oh Donni, 6 year-old boys LOVE mud! Mud is good! Mud is fun! Mud can teach him things!”

So, I took a deep breath, let go of all the anxiety I had been feeling about MUD and embraced it instead.

Teddy and I made a mud kitchen in the back yard.” —-> Read more here…

Here are great tips and ideas AND lots of photos of Teddy’s mud kitchen to help you make your own.

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