Beautiful summer, filled with golden sunshine.

Our day’s are warm and slow and we have given in to delicious lethargy… and surrendered to watermelon, cold from the fridge. Lazy afternoons are spent reading in the shade of the avocado tree and suppers are cool and fresh. Baths are tepid and we sleep with only the sheet.


photo of Autumn wheatPhoto of forget-me-notsPhoto of autumn and fell leafPhoto of autumn plantsPhoto of moss and lichen on bark of a treePhoto of a dandelion



I’ve found some favorite blogs to share :

Daughter of the Woods – Michelle’s beautiful photos are like a wander through a daydream.

Sprouted Kitchen – While looking for gluten free recipes I often find myself lost in the art of their beautiful food.

This Brown Wren – magic water, cassia flowers and beautiful everyday days.

Enjoy and let them know you’ve visited.

And, here’s a sweet poem for summer :

Come out, come out this sunny day
The fields are sweet with new mown hay
The birds are singing loud and clear
For summer time once more is here
So bring your rakes and come and play
And toss and tumble in the hay
The sweet wild roses softly blow
All pink and white the roses grow
The nodding daisies in the grass
Lift up their heads to hear you pass
Upon this happy, sunny day
When you come out to make the hay.

Blessings and magic,


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