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Monarchs on the Move

It’s fall and the Monarchs are on the move.

At the beginning of summer, we planted a butterfly garden (I wrote about it here). We were sure to include milkweed plants as monarch butterflies depend on milkweed for survival.

We had an early bump in our butterfly garden road when we discovered tiny monarch caterpillars on our very immature milkweed plants. Our milkweed plants were not yet big enough to sustain caterpillars until they reached the cocoon stage, so we had to scurry around our neighborhood until we found milkweed plants big enough for them to live on and relocate them. It was a fun adventure for the kids… to choose just the right milkweeds for them.

Now, 3 months later, our milkweeds have grown wonderfully and are ready for caterpillars. We have delighted in the monarchs who have passed through on their journey to Mexico. They flutter around our garden and never fail to land on the milkweed flowers. They are often very tired and thirsty and allow us to get up close to watch them unroll their long proboscis as they drink the sweet nectar. You can see it clearly in some of the photos above.

Some even let us gently put our fingers under their legs and they step onto us for a minute. It’s magical.

As they flutter off, we wish them luck for the journey ahead. One day perhaps we will travel to the valley in Mexico where they migrate to. It must be the most magical experience to see so many butterflies gracing the air.


Photo of a Monarch Butterfly The Magic Onions : 31 Photo of a Monarch Butterfly The Magic Onions : 31 Photo of a Monarch Butterfly The Magic Onions : 31 Photo of a Monarch Butterfly The Magic Onions : 31 Photo of a Monarch Butterfly The Magic Onions : 31 Photo of a Monarch Butterfly The Magic Onions : 31

These beautiful creatures are struggling and their numbers are declining just as rapidly as those of the bees. Sadly, Monsanto products are killing them off just as it is killing the bees.

Let’s all stop using pesticide and let’s plant milkweed plants.

Here are a few monarch inspired goodies from my shop


Monarchs in The Magic Onions Shop :


Blessings and magic,


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  1. I had no idea how beautiful Milkweed plants were! It never occurred to me to plant them but that is a wonderful idea. Thanks for this post!
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