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Make a Leaf Mobile

The Cutest Leaf Mobile :


It’s so exciting! Autumn is here… the days are cooling down, the acorns are falling from the oak trees and all of the leaves are starting to change into their brilliant yellow, orange and red gowns.

The colors of Autumn are so rich and warm, it’s hard to believe that they lead us into the starkness that is winter.

So, we collect these colors. And we store them for when the colors of nature become pale and bleak.

We grab our buckets and baskets and set out into the neighborhood to forage.

We collect nature supplies that we know will not be available in winter.

We collect pretty flowers and colorful leaves and press them in our flower press, knowing that we will be using them for many fun activities in the months to come.

To usher in the Fall, we decided to use our first batch of ‘pressings’ to make a fun leaf mobile.


The Cutest Leaf Mobile :

Method :


  1. With school glue, stick googly eyes onto the pressed leaves.
  2. Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the top of each leaf.
  3. Cut thread into lengths.
  4. Thread through the holes in the leaves and knot to secure.
  5. Tie the other end of each thread to a stick, making sure the cute leaf animals hang at random lengths.
  6. Hang your leaf mobile in a special place where you can smile at it whenever you see it.


Your sweet leaf mobile will be sure to garner smiles ALL-THE-TIME!

Here are some other ways we’ve crafted with pressed leaves and flowers :

Make a pressed leaf and flower lantern.

Decorate Easter eggs with pressed flowers and leaves.

Make a beeswax and pressed leaf sun catcher.


What other fun things have you done using pressed leaves and flowers?

Blessings and magic,



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