Video Tutorial :: Needle Felted Toadstools :: DIY Instructions

Look what I made… two magical needle felted toadstools… just for the fun of it.


DIY Needle Felting Tutorial :: Needle Felted Toadstools :


I bet you think they are REALLY difficult to make. I bet you think I spent ages and ages on them.

Well, would you believe me if I told you that each one took less than 10 minutes… yes, from start to finish. What if I told you that they are not difficult to make at all. Once you get the hang of needle felting, you’ll be churning out needle felted toadstools like a pro.

And, to prove it, I’ve made a DIY tutorial video for you to see how fun they are to make. And I know, once you see how fun they are, you’ll want to make them too.



Mine are pretty big… about a handful, but you can use this same technique to make smaller toadstools too.


Needle Felted Toadstools DIY Needle Felting Tutorial ::

Needle Felted Toadstools DIY Needle Felting Tutorial ::

DIY Needle Felting Tutorial :: Needle Felted Toadstools :


If you want to give needle felting a try, I have super DIY Needle Felting Kits available in The Magic Onions Shop.

Here are more free needle felting tutorials for you.

Blessings and magic,


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  1. This tutorial is great :) your voice is very soothing. I have never worked with wool before but my 8 year old daughter has taken some felting classes. She loved it!

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