Finger Knitted Yarn Flowers :: A DIY Tutorial for Kids

Last week, I promised I’d share Teddy’s DIY finger knitted flower tutorial.


Finger Knitted Flower : DIY Tutorial for Kids


Teddy’s been finger knitting like a wild-man and we’ve made so many beautiful creations from the fruits of his labor.


Finger Knitted Flower Tutorial


I have already shared an easy finger knitting tutorial with you so that you can teach your child this wonderful skill. Finger knitting is a very calming activity and is great for strengthening hand-eye coordination in children.

Your little one will be so proud of the gorgeous goodies he can make from a few minutes of hard work.


Finger Knitting for Kids :: DIY Tutorial



  1. to make our finger knitted flower, Teddy finger knitted a three-foot length of yarn rope from lovely rainbow colored yarn.
  2. he then finger knitted this three-foot yarn rope a second time so that it was nice and fat.
  3. we rolled the fat yarn rope into a spiral and used a needle and thread to sew the spiral into place so that it will not unravel.
  4. with garden scissors, we cut a twig from the garden tree that had a small branch coming off to the left.
  5. we cut out a green felt leaf and stuck it, using a hot glue gun, onto the twig branch.
  6. we again used the hot glue gun to stick the yarn flower spiral onto the top of the twig and put our pretty flower into a vase.


Finger Knitting DIY Tutorial for childrenFinger Knitting with kidsFinger Knitting with kidsFinger Knitted Flower Tutorial Finger Knitted Flower Tutorial


Teddy’s pretty finger knitted flower is sitting on my desk and has brightened my day a million times.

Here is another great finger knitting project for kids. This finger knitted rug was made by the 9 year old children at Maple Village Waldorf School.


Gorgeous FINGER KNITTED rug made by the 9 year olds at Maple Village Waldorf School on The Magic Onios Blog


If you have enjoyed this DIY tutorial for kids, I think you’ll love my other yarn crafting tutorials too.

Here are some other fun spring crafting projects.

Blessings and magic,



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2 Responses

  1. I showed her how to finger knit yesterday – I’m not sure why I waited this long – she has become a finger knitting fiend overnight.
    Thank you for all the fun things you share!

    1. I know, Emily… my little one is a finger-knitting fiend as well. And now I’ve taken it up too!!
      Thanks for your kind words.
      xo Donni

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