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Favorite Waldorf Morning Verses for The Grades

It is customary to say a morning verse at the start of each day in Waldorf schools, in kindergarten and in the grades.

One of the reasons why Waldorf education is so successful in educating kids who excel, is that teaching methods meet students where they are developmentally, in a deep and authentic way. The synergy of Waldorf teaching methods and brain development is discussed fully in this great article by Dr Reggie Melrose ::  ‘Waldorf from a Neuroscientific Perspective‘.

The morning verses for kindergarten children are sweet and often require gentle movement and song and set the happy tone for the day. They help young children transition easily from unstructured play to the more structured activities in the classroom. Here are some of my favorite Waldorf morning circle verses for Kindergarten children.

In the Grades, the morning verse is used help students set their intentions for the day (and their future). This verse brings the class together in unity, in strong meaningful words and affirmations that help to build strong characters and caring individuals.


Favorite Waldorf Morning Verses for The Grades


Waldorf Morning Verses for the Grades : Brave and true I will be, each good deed sets me free



Brave and true will I be,
Each good deed sets me free,
Each kind word makes me strong.
I will fight for the right! 
I will conquer the wrong!


Waldorf Morning Verses for the Grades : We are truthful and helpful



We are truthful and helpful
And loving in trust
For our heart’s inner sun
Glows brightly in us.
We will open our hearts
To the sunbeams so bright
And we’ll fill all the world
With our heart’s inner light.


Waldorf Morning Verses for the Grades : I stand erect between earth and sky


I stand erect between earth and sky
The center of the world am I
My right hand points to the cold north star
My left hand points to where the hot lands are
Behind my back is the rising sun
In front of me is where day is done
North, south, east and west
Where I am is the best.
A morning verse is sure to be the start of a very happy day. We should all set our intentions at the start of each day like Waldorf students do.

If you have a favorite Waldorf verses, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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Blessings and magic,


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  1. We used to say the verse like this. “Blessings on the blossom, blessing on the fruit blessing on the leaf and stem. Blessings on the roots. For family food and friends we say thank you”

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