Over the years, so many of you have got in touch to ask for help in creating a Waldorf-inspired home. You have asked wonderfully thought-provoking questions that have made me think and ponder, deeply, what the most valuable and life-changing aspects of a Waldorf home are.

I’ve promised many of  you that I would put together a workshop to help you easily and seamlessly bring Waldorf into your home and I’m happy to let you know that this workshop is now available : 8 Steps To A Waldorf-Inspired Home.


8 Steps to a Waldorf-Inspired Home Workshop. How to bring the beauty of Waldorf philosophies into your home by The Magic Onions



This workshop doesn’t cover any aspects of a Waldorf education but rather explains and guides you through the beautiful and meaningful philosophies that you can bring into your home to create a calm and creative sanctuary wherein your children will thrive.

In today’s busy and over-scheduled world, so many of us are searching for ways to help our children enjoy an authentic and joyful childhood, one in which they have time for unscheduled play, building deep and meaningful connections with friends, animals and the earth and lots of magical time in nature.

I’m happy to let you know that a few key (and simple) changes can make all of this possible.

8 Steps To A Waldorf-Inspired Home will teach you EXACTLY how YOU can incorporate Waldorf philosophies in to your lifestyle. A step-by-step guide to help you create the lifestyle you are searching for.

Waldorf is more than an education… it is a way of life that EVERYONE can follow, regardless of whether your children go to a Waldorf school, a public school or are homeschooled.

Incorporating these key Waldorf practices into your home will have an astounding effect. Your children will blossom, your home life will become peaceful and joyful and you will start to feel that your family is living it’s BEST life.

I’m honored and excited to share my many years of Waldorf experience with you and help you incorporate the best Waldorf philosophies into your home.

For more information on the workshop please visit here : 8 Steps To A Waldorf-Inspired Home.

The Importance of Nature from 8 Steps to a Waldorf-Inspired home with The Magic Onions The Importance of Rhythm from 8 Steps to a Waldorf-Inspired home with The Magic Onions The Importance of Creativity from 8 Steps to a Waldorf-Inspired home with The Magic Onions The Importance of Connection from 8 Steps to a Waldorf-Inspired home with The Magic Onions in breath out breath from 8 Steps to a Waldorf-Inspired home with The Magic Onions


These and many more Waldorf philosophies are discussed in the workshop : 8 Steps To A Waldorf-Inspired Home.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Blessings and magic,






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11 Responses

    1. Hi Natalia,
      Thanks for inquiring about the workshop. It is available as a download that you can work through in your own time.

  1. Hi Donni,
    I’m writing from Spain, and I am most interested in this workshop. In your answer to a previous comment you said it is available online; but I also read in the information that follows the workshop link that it’s 55 pages. So, is it a book? is it a download? I am willing to buy it, however If it is online, why the shipping fee? Could you clarify, please?

    1. Hi Myriam,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The workshop is downloadable so that you can work through it and access it in your own time, at your own pace. There is no shipping fee… if you go through checkout, you’ll see that ‘Free Shipping’ will be the default option. However, if for some reason, you are charged shipping, I’ll refund the charge as soon as I realize the mistake.
      Thanks for the interest :)
      Blessings and magic,

  2. Hello! I am a parent volunteer at a Waldorf-inspired school in Fairfax, CA (in Marin County, just North of San Francisco). I am hoping to arrange a talk or workshop on bringing Waldorf into the home and I wondered if you were available to do so ? (I am not even sure where you are located but just wanted to inquire). Thank you –

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