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Summertime Fun

Today is the summer solstice, 2016. The longest day of the year. It is HOT here in Southern California today. VERY hot! It’s not quite noon yet and the temps are already 97 °F. My phone says that it will get well past 100°F today. This kind of heat is not my favorite.

Today is also the first day of summer vacation. 3 whole months of slow, unscheduled freedom. Yay!

Here are some photos from our last week of school. Teddy was The Father in his school play, St Francis and the Wolf of Gubio. When I asked him to tell me his words, he recited the whole play, thinking with that far-off look he gets when he concentrates.

He felt giddy after the play… all smiles and giggles. I loved seeing the rush of excitement pulse through him and his eyes sparkling.

Kitty’s 6th Grade Report was on Lewis and Clark. She loved going back in time to when living was surviving. And, the fact that we had visited Oregon just a few months ago, which made it all the more real for her to imagine how life was back then. In true Kitty style, she painted a portrait of Sacagawea that is so beautiful. I’m in awe of this talent she has found and nurtured.

Lots of time is spent in the Sunny House cuddling Skat (that’s his new name, our sweet cat).

I’ve been crafting and will soon have another awesome video for you. PS… do you see the pretty felt flowers we made the other day on the mantle in the first photo?

I was looking for a baby shower gift and stumbled upon such a sweet baby shop. Don’t you just LOVE the pompom mobile hanging from the wire of a lampshade?

I found some gorgeous wallpaper. Flowers taped to the wall. You’d feel like you were in Kensington Gardens all day long (I’ve just finished the last season of Downton Abby and am mourning it’s passing. Why stop it now?)

We are finally putting a real kitchen into the Sunny House. We’ve used hutches and stand-alone cabinets until now, which we have loved, but, as big changes are afoot and the Sunny House will soon have new people to love her, we feel she needs to be all perfect and finished. Can you believe how many boxes it will take to give the Sunny House the kitchen she deserves! I’ll show you a photo when it’s all done.

Hope you are having a lovey first week of summer too, with lots of fun, sun and happy times.

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Blessings and magic,


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