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Lucky us… Waldorfish is offering us all a 20% discount on their WONDERFUL StoryStarters kits (you can read all about them below). Use the code MAGICONIONS at checkout.


Waldorfish was originally born out of a desire to provide modern, relevant resources for our community of teachers and families.  We have grown into a global community of teachers, parents, and homeschoolers. Altogether diverse and curious in the ways we live our lives, our online community shares a commitment to goodness, warmth, truth & beauty as it works for each of our families. As an international community, each of us is wholly different. We come to the table in kindness, listening & sharing to learn (not to agree or disagree). A great place to start if you are new to our work is this page, which includes links to samples of our tutorial videos and several free pdf’s and e-books!


Waldorfish : www.theMagicOnions.com


Trained both as public and Waldorf teachers, we have been involved in art & education for over 20 years and currently homeschool our two children. With our Waldorfish work we teach adults & children in person as well as online. Our courses guide soul-filled teachers and families towards confidence in integrating the arts and story-telling into their (home) school days!

Waldorfish : www.theMagicOnions.com


In 2014 hundreds of our community members – teachers, parents & homeschoolers, asked us for storytelling resources. They felt drawn to create a culture that pulls in and directs their families from deep within. We followed this thread with our whole hearts – we dreamt up and designed the fundamental images needed for an inspiring tool – our Story Starters deck. Now families around the world are using the deck & accompanying online classroom to ignite unique stories for and with their children & students!

Waldorfish : www.theMagicOnions.com


“It has been said that next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling.” ~Khalil Gibran


There is no one more valuable than the storyteller. They are our visionaries, the entertainers, the jesters, guides and crooners. When we give our children the gift of story, we give them their ticket, a limitless wellspring to carry them to any career, a lifelong magic trick in their back pocket.


Along with the healing and therapeutic potential held within stories, they also ignite in their tellers yet another invaluable quality.


“There’s a Native American proverb on my office wall that says, ‘Those who tell the stories rule the world.’ As technology increasingly intertwines us, I believe that’s increasingly true. It’s our job as businesses and workers and leaders to make sure the good guys are the ones telling the best stories. And like any skill, we’re going to need practice at it.”

~ Shane Snow, Why Storytelling Will Be the Biggest Business Skill of the Next 5 Years.


Storytelling is a timeless skill. It has been the precursor to change as long as we’ve been on this beautiful, mysterious planet. And that’s exactly what these times are calling for, yes?



We don’t want to bore our children. Or to lecture them. We want to mystify them! To enchant them into the glimmer of their own futures, to be awed in the face of giants (and giant obstacles). And to know themselves as great and creative problem solvers. Change-makers.


Waldorfish : www.theMagicOnions.com


We created our Story Starters kit to guide even very new storytellers towards confidence. Along with the 40-card, double sided deck, the kit also includes our online classroom:

  • 3 audio recordings (over an hour total!) with sample stories & ideas
  • 19 page e-book with even more resources & inspiring ideas
  • muslin, drawstring carrying pouch
  • access additional pdf’s with storytelling activities


Perfectly sized to tuck into a bag, the Story Starters can come along just about anywhere, and are water resistant (yay!).


“The cards are lovely! The pictures are beautifully done and include a mix of objects and scenes we have experienced and some which are exotic to us. This gives us a chance to tell stories from our knowledge of the world and others that come more from our imagination.” ~Susan F.


Waldorfish : www.theMagicOnions.com


This kit is an opportunity to create new tales that are custom-crafted to address the emotional needs and moods that are currently living within your family. Stories with clear moral lessons are healing & potently effective teachers. A well-timed cautionary tale can be so much more effective than “Don’t do that!!”.


Stories show us that an enemy can become a friend. Stories remind us that other people have had similar problems (and have successfully navigated them). Stories told through the lens of many different belief systems help support the importance of tolerance.


By seeing how someone in a story overcomes his or her troubles or character quirks, our children can learn to do the same.


All our best,

Robyn & Brian Wolfe


We would love to connect with you on social media!


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Robyn on Instagram: @therobynwolfe

Brian on Instagram: @brianwolfe

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/waldorfish




Thank you, Robyn and Brian.

Blessings and magic,





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  1. What a wonderful idea! I have read about the value of storytelling and tailoring stories to our children’s specific life issues, but am nervous about starting, and the times I’ve tried making up a story ‘on the fly’ I have been a bit at a loss. These picture cards look like wonderful tools to get those creative storytelling juices flowing! I love it! Thank you :)

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