We’ve had fun in the snow again this week… starting with a very competitive snowball fight in the forest… boys against parents. It all started when the parents wanted to go for a walk in the forest after the snowfall. Boys weren’t keen for a walk… until a snowball fight was suggested.

I can’t tell you who I think enjoyed the snowball fight the most. The boys had great fun but judging by the way the parents faces shone with joy and exhilaration, it might have been the parents. In fact, a few of my muscles were very stiff and sore the next day, hinting to the fact that I may have become a little overexcited during the game. Leopard crawling through the snow is hard work.

I highly recommend a snowball fight the next time it snows in your neck of the woods.



I have commissioned Kitty to draw the header for my Fairy Garden site that is getting an upgrade. I love to watch her work. I asked for a whimsical look and, boy, has she outdone herself. I can’t wait to show you the finished art. It’s stunning!



We started to feel sorry for the birds as the snow covers all the ground and grasses and we were wondering where they get their food from. So, we put out a treat for them… a seed bell and a tray of apple pieces.

Who was first to the feast? You guessed it… Mr Squirrel!

Mr Cat can now be found at the kitchen window, trying to shoo Mr Squirrel away from the bird treats. There is an ongoing dispute between the birds and the squirrel and, now, the cat! Watching the shenanigans at the kitchen window is one of my favorite things to do.



It rained little balls of ice the other day. Quite the most magical thing! Tiny ice balls falling from the sky and bouncing on the ground. I know it’s called sleet or hail but I the sleet and hail I’ve seen before was bigger balls and fell for just a few seconds… this sleet fell for hours and hours. Afterwards, the snow felt thick and sandy and little droplets were frozen solid on all the trees and branches. It was quite something! They looked like dewdrops but were solid ice to the touch.



Here are some more photos of the snow I just can’t resist showing you. Snow is the prettiest thing!



Blessings and magic,





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