The BEST Summer Ever!

Summer is rushing by. It’s going so fast I can hardly catch my breath. I have an overwhelming desire to slow it down, slow down the seconds so that I can consciously savor them all.

I’m feeling like this because each day has been magical, filled with such cool summer moments.  We all agreed last night that this has been the best summer of our lives. Isn’t that a super awesome thing to agree upon?! Will we look back on this time and say, ‘oh yes! I remember that! It happened in our first summer in New Hampshire… that best summer ever!

It’s this place, you see, this magical place that drew us to her. All that time ago, when I sent out the alarm call into the ether, she answered, so clearly that we couldn’t ignore her beckoning tune. We had to come to her. We had to bravely leave behind everything we knew and step into the openness of opportunity. And she’s blessed us every day since. She’s blessed us with astounding gifts. All of us, each one of us, has blossomed under her gaze. And amazingly, we sense it’s just the beginning. We are at the start of something astounding.

So, if you have sent out that plea and are hearing the wild calling you to her, go. Be brave and GO.


August is the month for amazingly beautiful sunsets. We get ourselves an evening drink (mine is a shandy) and sit beneath the glorious colors. Early evening is when the weather rolls in and we watch the curvaceous cumulonimbus clouds as they dance upon the horizon.

The daisies, queen anne’s lace and other wildflowers are abundant. It rains almost every night and the meadows show their thanks by growing veraciously towards the sky.

We have spent many hours swimming in the clear black lakes. They are cool and calming and their mineral waters leave our skin and hair smooth and nourished.

Kitty has started riding lessons with a wonderful woman called Kathy in Nelson. She is a pony club enthusiast and, as I watch her teaching Kate all about the nuances of horses, I am reminded of those Thelwell books from my youth. I love seeing my children loving the same things I loved when I was a child. So many things come full circle.

While Kitty rides, Teddy catches and cuddles the chickens… and collects their still-warm-from-the-chicken eggs.

I’ve had a wonderful burst of creativity too and have been creating magical sculptures from clay. The snippet of a toadstool is a sneak peek!

Here’s our summer in pictures…

Photo of beautiful sunset Photo of orange sunset Photo of orange sunset Photo of daisies Photo of dandelion Photo of fresh PYO raspberries Photo of the lake and hand heart

Photo of horse in barn photo of child holding chicken Photo of freshly laid egg Photo of rooster photo of pink coneflowers ECHINACEA Photo of lake in New Hampshire Photo of acorns Photo of me Photo of toadstool

Hoping your summer has been magical too.

Blessings and magic,




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2 Responses

  1. This is my family’s first summer in NH, and it has been incredible! Make sure to check out the Friendly Farm in Dublin and pizza night at Orchard Hill Breadworks if you haven’t already!

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