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MACRAME, friends!!! It’s my new obsession and quite the most gorgeous yummyness to ever come back into fashion. Macrame is an ancient technique of creating beautiful geometric and organic shapes with nothing more than string and knots. If you think macrame is that awful brown acrylic owl wall-art your granny had hanging in her passage, think again. Macrame has been revamped by amazing artists and has come back into the artistic world with a loud bang.

I know this because I’ve just spent a magical weekend at Squam Art Workshop HQ in Rhode Island, learning Macrame from Michael Gabrielle, who is quite the most beautiful man to ever knot a piece string… with his long black hair and equally long black eyelashes. He surrounded us with warmth and loving kindness as he shared the tricks of his trade and taught us how to bring forth our intrinsic creative flow to make our own macrame masterpieces.

It’s a fabulous craft, peeps, supremely meditative and calming. Not only can one make a gorgeous piece of art, but macrame can make the creator feel centered and grounded too. We all agreed that is must surely be remarkably good for our brains as we were required to cross the midline (working from left to right… AND then… right to left) every few minutes or so. Interestingly, this was initially VERY confusing for our brains to grasp. Most of us found that we had a dominant side where the work flowed naturally but that as soon as we tried to work from the opposite side, our brains froze and our fingers fumbled in confusion. But, as the day wore on, our brains remembered how to cross over from left to right and the confusion melted away. It was fascinating to experience the building of synapses.

Waldorf Education understands the significance in allowing children the opportunity to engage in activities that encourage them to cross the midline. This helps their brains build strong left brain/right brain pathways and is why handwork like knitting, embroidery and cross stitch, is included in the everyday Waldorf curriculum. I am now convinced that we should all be consistently engaging in handwork as we grow older too, keeping our left brain / right brain connections and synapses strong and healthy. Do macrame, friends… it keeps your brain sharp!

I’m so excited to have at last met Elizabeth Duvivier, the creator and founder of Squam Art Workshops. I’ve known about Elizabeth and the magic she is bringing into the world for many years. To have finally met her in person was a joy and an inspiration. Elizabeth believes in creativity as a way of life and has been bringing this concept to woman through her creative workshops for over 10 years. If you haven’t attended Squam yet, please treat yourself and sign up for a workshop. It will be an extraordinary, life-changing gift that you surely deserve.

To add the cherry on top of the weekend, my friend and fellow oil fairy, Em, and her delightful daughter were there to anoint us all with the healing, emotional and spiritual benefits of essential oil.

Today, I am feeling enormous gratitude to have experienced such a warm, loving, creative and supportive workshop. Thanks to all who shared it with me.

Here are some photos from the weekend…


Macrame Workshop at Squam HQMacrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQ Macrame Workshop at Squam HQEssential Oil :: Peppermint, Geranium, Wild Orange Macrame Workshop at Squam HQMacrame Workshop at Squam HQ


Blessings and magic,






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5 Responses

  1. this is AMAZING! do you guys think you could offer another workshop in November?
    I am originally from RI by now live in Australia. My twin sister lives in Newport and I am coming to visit her quickly in november. Her wedding is next year and I may unfortunately miss it so I want to plan something special for her and I to do while I am home. Here in Australia, Macrame workshops are really popular. I was wondering if you would be able to put something on for two – four people? I’d prefer November 29 or 20 if at all possible… sorry for being so specific! Just not home for long and have a 1 year old with me so options are tight. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Alaina,
      So happy that you are coming home. I live in America but my home is in SA and it is just the best going home to see family and friends.
      I highly recommend Michael for a workshop… he’s a magnificent man. Please get in touch with him directly (his contact is in the post) to see if he can schedule a workshop for you. You’ll LOVE it.
      xo Donni

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