As we crossed over the state line into Maine, a great green sign greeted us… Welcome to Maine, The Way Life Should Be!

Yea!!!! We all whooped and holla’ed in excitement. Our vacation road trip had begun!

What a gorgeous state Maine is. Big sky, rocky coastline and greenblue sea. Clean and crisp and new. One feels different in Maine… edgy, somehow, and cool.

Our trip started with visiting our dear family friends, Tim and Debra, at their island home on Long Island, just an hour’s ferry-ride from Portland. We have dubbed them, Our Adoptive Family In America because they are so kind and loving towards us. And all our special moments somehow have a connective thread that leads to or from, them. They have a spectacular island home, sitting on a steep cliff, overlooking the sea. It’s more than 100 years old and has that quaint island cottage feel that makes you want salt on your skin and sand in your hair.

We ate fish taco’s and fresh lobster, played endless games of croquet (Teddy’s new favorite game), searched for and found lots of sea glass (including a few pieces of the elusive blue) and watched magnificent sunsets.

We were on the island for the meteor shower. The night sky was magnificent as there is not much light pollution on the island. Kitty and I took blankets onto the lawn and lay together, gazing up at the heavens. We talked and reminisced as we spotted shooting star after shooting star streaking across the sky. We also saw three sputniks. But, best of all, we bonded. It’s not always easy for us to connect nowadays. We seem to be at odds quite a lot as we struggle to find new common ground through this journey of teenagerhood. So, it was a beautiful gift that we lay, entwined in the darkness, just like we used to lie many years ago.

Yep… Maine is definitely the way life should be.

I’ll share more from the rest of our trip soon.

Blessings and magic,




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  1. I loved your dragon fly story.
    I just kayaked in a lake yesterday with many dragon flies landing on our wooden boat in the sun.
    Thank you for reminding us that transformation is life.

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