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doTERRA Essential Oils

I am truly in love with these little bottles of magic. Literally translated, doTERRA means… gift of the Earth!

As a mom, doTERRA essential oils have been life-changing for me and for my family. I honestly don’t know how I would get by without these gifts in our lives. They are empowerment in a bottle!

We use them daily for a variety of reasons :: to make us feel grounded, to temper teenage turmoil, to calm us when we are anxious, to ensure we sleep peacefully, to help us focus, to boost our immune systems and keep us healthy. They are tools we turn to for everyday health challenges like the sniffles, coughs, the flu, stomach bugs, headaches, scrapes, mosquito bites, skin blemishes, wounds, indigestion… their benefits are endless.

They are our emotional support, our immune support and our medicine cabinet too… and the best part is that they are non-toxic, safe for everyone, effective and inexpensive. If you don’t already have essential oils in your home, I’d love to help you get started on your own magical oil journey. I’d love to help you get your own little oil apothecary into your home.

If you are at all curious about bringing essential oils into your home, I’d love to chat. You can contact me with any question at all.


Essential Oils Travelling with Kids - doTERRA On Guard, Serenity and Balance

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are pure extracts from plants. They have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and are effective in treating a wide range of health and emotional challenges. They are safe for everyone and, unlike pharmaceuticals, have little to no harmful side effects. In fact, they benefit the body in many different ways. So, using an essential oil for a specific ailment will not only help remedy that ailment, but it will support your body in other, unintentional, ways too. Essential oils are are medicinally potent, 50-70 times more powerful than herbs… one drop goes a very long way.

In a nutshell, essential oils are a safe, effective and affordable alternatives to many synthetic products and pharmaceuticals.


How to buy doTERRA essential Oils

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

1. doTERRA oils are the purest and most medicinally potent oils on the planet. There are no fillers, synthetics, fragrances, perfumes or pesticides … just 100% pure Essential Oil. Watch out for other oil companies who label their oils are 100% pure : a company is allowed to say that its oil is 100% pure if it contains at least 5% pure oil in the bottle. With doTERRA, you know that a bottle of Lavender oil contains 100% pure Lavender Oil, always.

2. No pesticides or other synthetic chemicals are used on doTERRA plants, EVER!

3. doTERRA harvests plants that grow where they are indigenous. This is super important because plants that grow in their natural habitat have evolved for hundreds of thousand years to flourish naturally in that very environment. These plants are far superior in medicinal potency to the same plant grown on a farm. Watch out for this as most other essential oil companies farm their plants in unnatural environment and therefore need to use pesticides and also produce inferior medicinal oils.

4. CoImpact Sourcing :: two-thirds of doTERRA oils are sources from developing countries where the local communities need the industry the most. doTERRA searches for places where the oils grow indigenous AND where the commerce and economy from growing these oils will make a hugely positive impact of the local communities. Instead of going in and taking over, DoTerra partners with these local communities, allowing them to grow and better their life without taking everything away from them. DoTerra makes sure that the growers get fair and on-time payments and also offer profit-sharing programs to the people they work with. DoTerra helps to teach their partners to create cooperatives and preserve the plants for the future generations.

Here’s a little video on doTERRA’s beautiful co-impact sourcing of Frankincense in Somalia.


Essential Oils Co-impact Sourcing - doTERRA Frankincense


Where do I buy doTERRA Essential Oils?

Through me! I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and it is my job to be your oil fairy and help you at every step of your oil journey. I have so many amazing things to teach you about each specific bottle of magic. Once we connect, we’ll discuss your family’s health priorities and I’ll guide you through your oil options. My passion is sharing the empowerment I have found with my oil apothecary at my fingertips and I love nothing more than passing this empowerment on to a beautiful family like yours.

Please get in touch so that we can start our magical collaboration towards bringing these natural gifts from the earth into your home.

Blessings and magic,


How to buy doTERRA essential Oils

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