Learn How To Bring The Beauty Of Waldorf Into Your Home

Get Access To My Exclusive Training That Will Show You The 8 Key Steps To Bringing Waldorf Into Your Home & Lifestyle

Your children do not have to go to a Waldorf school – YOU can bring Waldorf into your home!

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In this workshop, I will show you exactly how to bring the beauty of Waldorf into your home

With 8 IMPORTANT steps!


Are you searching for a calmer and more authentic family life? By integrating a few simple Waldorf practices into your day, you can bring about the slower, yet richer, life you have been searching for.

Incorporating key Waldorf practices into your home will have an astounding effect. Your children will thrive, your home life will become peaceful and joyful and you will start to feel that you are living your best life.

The 55 page workshop will cover everything you need to know about a Waldorf lifestyle including:

  1. In-breath/out-breath
  2. Daily Rhythm
  3. Seasonal Rhythm
  4. Unstructured Playtime in Nature
  5. How to Simplify
  6. How to Cultivate Beauty
  7. Art, Handwork, Crafting and Music
  8. Media in the Home.

I will guide you through every step in the process and you will come away with a clear vision of the small adjustments you need to make to bring your family into alignment with each other and with nature so that you can live the joy of the present moment.

Workshop members are automatically added to the member-only Waldorf In The Home Facebook group so that I can personally help you through specific challenges and give you support and encouragement when needed.

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You and your children deserve this!

Blessings and magic,


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