About Me

Welcome to The Magic Onions. I’m so happy that you are here! I am a mama, advocating for reducing the toxic load on our bodies and our emotions (and our planet) so that we can all thrive in this beautiful world, unburdened by harmful things that are holding us back. I believe that nature and essential oils and a free spirit can heal our wounds and I teach how these gifts from the earth can support us and our families through life’s ups and downs. Let’s connect if this resonates with your heart.
We are a Waldorf inspired family. The Waldorf way of life has brought us so much joy. From parenting through the early childhood days and, now, into the teenage years, I am eternally grateful for the magic it infuses into our days. Anthroposophy and Waldorf philosophies have been an anchor for our family in this uncertain climate and I can’t recommend this way of life highly enough. If you are wanting to bring Waldorf ideas into your home, I share exactly how you can do this, easily and effortlessly, in my Waldorf Workshop.
The last thing I want to share in this little introduction, is that I am a breast cancer survivor. I feel vulnerable sharing this because it is still so new and raw in my life. But I am cancer free today because other women were brave and beautiful enough to share their stories with me. I feel compelled to be that for you if you (or a loved one) are facing these same fears I faced not so long ago. I am an open book to you and will share my journey freely, so if you want to ask a question, share your story with me, laugh or cry, please get in touch… (I mean it!)
Big blessings and magic to you,
ox Donni