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The Magic Onions was created in 2009 as a way to include my far-away family in our daily happenings. I soon discovered that there was a whole community of like-minded families who are following a similar path to the one we have chosen and I am honored to share our lives with each and every one of you. What started with a few followers has grown into this strong and thriving community of more than 6 million beautiful visitors. I am deeply touched to be at the center of The Magic Onions but believe with all my heart that your love, support and willingness to share with me, is the life-force that has nurtured this magic space. Thank you… and please continue to be a precious part of The Magic Onions.


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I write about our family life, our crafting, our explorations with nature, our journey into Waldorf education, my needle felting endeavors and other every-day miracles that make life so precious.

My name is Donni and I am the Mom of two sunbursts of joy; my precious Kitty is 10. I love her curly brown hair, the freedom of her imagination and her deep, sweet innocence. Teddy is 7. He is my blond, blue-eyed bear. He makes me laugh. They are the inspiration behind EVERYTHING I do and I am truly honored to be their mother. I am married to my Good Man and together, the four of us are happily crafting our beautiful life.

I am consciously trying to be mindful of each and every moment; embrace life with love, laughter and learning and give freely, knowing that what I have is considerable. Thank you so much to all of you who continue to support my work and to those of you who have just found me. Life is a work in progress and I am loving this part of the journey.
I am in love with the craft of Needle Felting… it is pure bliss for me. I have at last found my creative medium and my soul quivers with the possibilities of what I can make. I love the sound of the needle as it goes into the fiber, the smell of the wool, the feeling of my creation in my hands. I am grateful to have this fabulous craft. There is an endless range of textures and colors, making anything possible. It is magic to watch the wool take on a life of it’s own.

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We have incorporated many Waldorf philosophies into our home and my children go to our local Waldorf school that we helped to set up 6 years ago. Many Waldorf philosophies resonate with us but I think the one that is closest to our hearts is the active nurturing of creativity. Children are encouraged to be creative and imaginative beings.  Creative, artistic and musical talent is regarded as highly as is academic talent. Kindergarten children do not learn to read or write. Instead they learn to paint and sew and play. And they learn through painting and sewing and playing. My daughter is now in Fifth Grade and is an avid reader. She is also learning two foreign languages, she is playing the flute and violin, she recites poems, sings songs and narrates stories, she knits, she sews, she weaves, she paints, she dances, she cooks… all through the everyday Waldorf curriculum. Through all of this, she is still very much a child. She is not being rushed through childhood. We love that. The Waldorf mantra is ‘Head, heart and hands’… teaching targets those three aspects of the child equally. There is a Waldorf tab in the navigation bar that will lead you to a wellspring of Waldorf information.

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Thank you for being a part of this growing community. Your presence here is deeply appreciated.
Blessings and magic,

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  1. Hi Donni my name is Denise and I want to homeschool my daughter of 10yrs using the Waldorf Education my son is in yr 1 at a mainstream school who have just introduced waldorf into the school (reception and grade 1) so my son and I am pioneers in this as I cant seem to get my daughter into waldorf I would like to homeschool her in this Education but being new to this Education and Life style I really would appreciate some help like where do I start with my daughter as she sadly has missed out on all those years so please can you help and did I read right are you in Australia as that is where Im living

    1. Hi Denise,
      Thanks for writing. The great news is that it’s never too late. We started our Waldorf journey when my daughter was almost 5. I’d start with making the little changes in your home to ease into Waldorf. I have a workshop to help here : https://www.themagiconions.com/2016/06/8-steps-waldorf-inspired-home.html
      I also recommend reading Seven Times The Sun as a first step… such a wonderful book :)
      You’ll be so happy with each and every little change as you watch your children thrive.
      Blessings and magic,

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