Winners for the Fairy Garden Competion!!

At last… the winners of the 2010 Fairy Garden Competition!!!! So, this is how we did it (and probably why it took so long to decide). I chose my favorite, Kitty chose her favorite, Teddy chose his favorite and then Mr Random chose his favorite. There were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many seriously gorgeous fairy gardens to choose […]

More Fairy Gardens…

Oh my… you guys have been busy making magical Fairy Gardens for the Fairy Garden Competition!! Here are some more wonders for you to see. Click on the links below each photo to see more. The family from Crystal Days Meg and her family Growing Kiwis Mari and her family Choochmagooz The Family from Aupetitmondedelisa […]

Fairy Gardens Galore…

I’m so excited to bring you some more magical Fairy Gardens entered into our fun competition… From Anabel Ellen and her delightful family. Click here to see more photos of their super-cute Fairy Garden. And, from Flelicity, Ainsley and Saskia who don’t have a blog. Here is what Felicity wrote… “Welcome to our miniature beach […]

Come and see some Fairy Gardens!

It is so exciting to open my email and find yet another entry into the Fairy Garden Competition. I smile when I envision the imaginative play that is going on in your gardens. How utterly wonderful. Here are some of the Fairy Gardens… each fantastic garden has a link for you to see more of […]

The Annual Fairy Garden Competition – 2010.

I am so excited to introduce the 2010 Fairy Garden Competition. The competition debuted last year. So many of you sent in photos of your magical gardens and it was truly a delight to see the creative and imaginative ideas you and your children came up with. To enter this year’s competition, send in a […]

Make a Fairy Garden.

How to Make a Fairy Garden Childhood magic is a precious gift. I believe that in today’s fast paced, success driven world, it is more important than ever to protect AND nurture the magic in our children’s lives. The excitement my Kitty feels when she discovers that fairies have left her a silvery message on […]

How to make an Arbor for your Fairy Garden.

Today we made an arbor for K’s Fairy Garden. This is what we used to make it… strong but bendable wire, thin very bendable wire, my pliers and some paper roses for decoration. I cut two pieces of the strong wire using my pliers, about 15 inches each. I bended the two pieces of wire […]

Easy Peg Fairies.

I have not suggested we make fairies for K’s Fairy Garden. I wanted her to imagine ‘real’ fairies in it. I wanted her to see, in her minds eye, a little gossamer-clad nymph swinging from her swing. I wanted her to picture a chubby little gnome digging merrily in the moss. This she has done […]

How to make a Fairy’s Washing Line.

A big question was asked… What if our fairies did their washing in the coconut pond in K’s Fairy Garden? They might have to hang their wet clothes on the tree to dry and that would look untidy… that wouldn’t do! A washing line had to be made! If you are enjoying this tutorial, Please […]

How to make a Fairy Garden Swing.

All you need to make a swing for your Fairy Garden are… Pliers, thin, bendable wire and some sticks and stones. Cut a long piece of wire and select a long, flat stone. We used a small sea brick that we collected on the beach, rubbed smooth by waves and time.Bend the wire in half. […]