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Choosing the right container for your Fairy Garden

Just about any container will do for your Fairy Garden… a flowerpot, an old wine barrel, a silver soup tureen, a basket, an old wagon, a wheel barrow to name just a few.


  • As moss loves to be watered often, it’s important that the container has holes in the bottom so that it will drain well.


  • If your container doesn’t have drainage holes, you can make them by using a battery drill or a hammer and a nail. My 5 year old son,Teddy, loves the job of drilling holes into the bottom of any Fairy Garden container.


  • If you choose a particularly large container, like an old chest, it is a good idea to put an upturned plastic bin or flower pots in the bottom if the chest to fill up some of the volume so you don’t need quite so much soil to fill it.


  • If your container is wooden and you want to make sure to prolong the life of the wood, you can paint it with a rubber sealant like ‘Rubber Coat’ to make the inside of your container waterproof.

Here are a few photos of cute and unique Fairy Garden containers…

Fairy Garden Container Wood Wine Barrel :

Fairy Garden Flower Pot Container :

Fairy Garden in a tea cup Container :

Fairy Garden Wooden Chest Container :

Fairy Garden Container Sealant : Fairy Garden Container Sealant Rubber Coat :

Fairy Garden Container Wood Chest Trunk :

Fairy Garden in a Wheel Barrow Container :

Fairy Garden in a Wagon Container :

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