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Choosing the Right Plants for your Child’s Fairy Garden

  • When choosing plants for your fairy garden, be mindful of the scale as you plan your garden. You will want it to look like a miniature garden, a place where fairies and gnomes look totally in place.


  • Moss is often the main ground cover and too many other plants may detract from the mossy atmosphere. Let your imagination run wild as you choose plants that you think might attract the fairies in your neighborhood.


  • If moss isn’t your thing, garden shops have other wonderful ground cover options to choose from.


  • Keep in mind the color combination … silvers, light greens, dark greens, browns… we like as many colors as possible as it adds texture and interest to our fairy garden. Any plants that have little flowers are perfect but sometimes a plant with a big flower can add fairy perspective too.


  • Make sure the plants you choose all like the same amount of sun and water. If you are going to be using moss, remember that moss likes sun to part shade and lots of water… choose other plants that like the same. If you are going for a desert garden look, pebbles, rocks and various cacti look wonderful, but do make sure (if your fairy garden is going to be a play-space for your child) that too many prickles won’t deter your little ones from playing in their magical creation.


  • A mini tree is often the focal point of our fairy garden and it’s important to choose a plant that ‘looks like’ a tree from a fairy’s perspective. There are many plants and shrubs that are ideal with a little trimming. In the past, we have used a Tea Tree which stays wonderfully small if trimmed regularly. A Tea Tree has such pretty and small flowers which are sure to become integral parts of your little one’s Fairy Garden play… water lilies to float in the pond, confetti or gnome food. We have also used a honey suckle for our tree. We removed the lower branches to make it look like a tree and trimmed it vigorously every week for it to remain small. Bonsai trees are perfect too.


  • Herbs are great plants for fairy gardens… they grow easily and have such wonderful fragrances, adding to your child’s magical experience as s/he plays with the fairies in her garden.


  • We love Sea Pinks in our fairy gardens too… they have lovely spiky foliage and gorgeous ‘fluffy’ flowers in whites, pinks and purples that bob happily on long stems.


  • A strawberry plant is fun to have in your fairy garden. The leaves are large and shady for fairies to hide under (my daughter always puts her little fairies under the leaves to hide). The little white flowers are pretty and, of course, when they turn into red strawberry fruit for your child to pick and eat, what fun that is!


  • Miniature pansies (Viola) are wonderful, as are violets, forget-me-nots, snowdrops and profusion daisies.


Choosing plants for your fairy garden can be so much fun.

Are there any plants you particularly love in your fairy garden?


Choosing plants for your Fairy Garden :

Choosing plants for your Fairy Garden :

Choosing plants for your Fairy Garden :



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