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Every morning Kitty comes into my room and says… ‘Let’s see if there are any new fairy gardens!’ We turn on my computer and pour over the newest entry into the Fairy Garden Competition. Oh, what magical little worlds you and your children are creating. Kitty delights in all the little details of each and every one and I delight in knowing the pure magic your little ones have felt while working with you on their own little Fairyland. Thank you so much for bringing these joys into our days.

Here are the newest entries into the competition. Those of you who have sent in your fairy garden photos by email… I am going to do a separate post showing all of your magical creations at a later date.

Please click on the links to see more of each garden.

Look at the darling violet garden inside the white picket fence in the fairy garden sent in by Violets Beautiful Garden.

I can see the wonder on Addies face as she gazes in wonder at her magical garden. Kitty is quite taken with all the pretty little things in this scene and asked if we can amend the rules to say that the gardens that win the competition have to be sent directly to her. Visit Cookie and Claire to see more photos.

One can look at this garden from April’s Homemaking for hours and still find new little things one has not seen before… it’s too delightful and very played-in, I bet. Magical!

We Bloom Here has created the sweetest little fairy garden in a regular flower pot. And the colorful ‘Fairies Welcome’ garland takes the cake!

Linda’s Kye, from Natural Suburbia, declared the day he and his mom made their fairy garden to be ‘the best day ever!‘ I can see why… isn’t it enchanting.

I adore how the kiddies from 2 Acre Wood have made their fairy gardens in baskets and old suitcases… what a perfect idea!! Bravo!

And now have a look at this from My Three Rivers Home... the fairy garden is magical but it’s the little fairy princess’s bedroom that had Kitty squealing with delight… it has a mirror and shell sink for her to wash her face in the mornings!


Thank you all of you for sharing your magical creations with us. We LOVE them all!

I hope you’ll make a Fairy Garden of your own and enter it into the Fairy Garden contest. Please visit the Fairy Garden tab HERE or in the top NAVIGATION bar to see all the Fairy Garden tips, tutorials, features and enchanting photos.


We look forward to seeing each and every new fairy garden.
Happy Fairy Gardening!
Blessings and magic,

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  1. The suitcase one is phenomenal – the wood pieces look like castles in a rainforest.
    I also love the pot with the miniature mirror.

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