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Fairy Gardens 2015


I’m so excited you are here to see all the magical fairy gardens from 2015. You can find the fairy gardens from previous years on the navigation bar above.

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We’ve Made a DELIGHTFUL Fairy Bedroom

We've made the most magical fairy bedroom and I've shared it on Fairy Gardens.com today. Kitty and I spent such ...
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Fairy Garden Contest Winner : www.FairyGardens.com

Fairy Garden Contest Winners – 2015!

Drum roll please... We've had a most magical fairy garden season on the Fairy Gardens site. With ENCHANTING fairy gardens ...
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Making a Fairy House in the Woods : www.theMagicOnions.com

The Enchanting Fairy Houses of Mackworth Island, Maine.

One of our favorite places in all of Maine was a place called Mackworth Island. It is a little island ...
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Photo of A Magical Nighttime Fairy Garden : www.FairyGardens.com

Fairy Garden Feature : Nighttime Delight

Head on over to Fairy Gardens (my other home) to see a new magical fairy garden feature. Oh my... this ...
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photo of a magical fairy garden from www.FairyGardens.com

Fairy Garden Feature : Welcome Village

Once again, we have so many magical Fairy Gardens entered into this year's Fairy Garden contest. If you haven't already, ...
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photo of a delightful mini fairy house

Fairies in Residence

Kitty and her friend were struggling to come up with something fun to do. "There's nothing to do!" they exclaimed ...
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phto of a fairy mailbox

Kitty’s New Fairy Garden 2015

We have been making magic again. Last week, I shared photos of Teddy's fairy garden on FairyGardens.com. Now, here are ...
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magical fairy garden photo

Teddy’s Fairy Garden

As you know, it's our summer tradition to make a fairy garden. Teddy spent hours this weekend making the most ...
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photo of my acorn and marble chandelier in my magical Fairy Garden

A Magical Encounter.

We had a magical weekend. I've shared all about our extraordinary encounter on my new FairyGarden.com website... please join me ...
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photo of Fairy Garden site

Introducing the BEST Fairy Garden Site!

Hi Magic friends, I have such exciting news... I have been working on a HUGE surprise for you... a brand ...
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photo of my delightful succulent fairy garden

Indoor Succulent Terraruim Fairy Garden

The kids and I have been having fun in the garden. As is our summer tradition, we have been making ...
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