Make Fun Easter Candles

Making sweet Easter candles has become an Easter tradition in our family. We make a few variations and save them all to put on our Easter table. It is a treat for the kids when they are, at last, allowed to light them… each child taking turns with the taper. The anticipation of having saved […]

Discovering Waldorf – ‘Traditional School :: Waldorf Home’.

When I rediscovered Waldorf education a few years ago, I scoured the internet for anything on Waldorf. Lucky for me, I found Dawn’s wonderful blog, Renaissance Mama. At that time Dawn home schooled her children following a Waldorf curriculum. Renaissance Mama was all about how she did it. It was packed full of Waldorf ideas […]

Making Beeswax Acorns.

When we made our Beeswax Valentine Hearts yesterday, we had a little melted wax left over. I remembered such a fun project making beeswax acorns and y’all know how crazy I am about acorns. It didn’t take much convincing to get K excited too. Aren’t they just adorable? To make our little beeswax acorns, we […]