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Flower Mobile :: Earth Day DIY Activity :: Tutorial ::

Earth Day, April 22nd, is an BIG day in the Sunny House. We celebrate it as if it is Mother Earth’s Birthday. Raising environmentally aware children has been an important part of our parenting and My Good Man and I are proud that our children are truly and authentically earth-conscious. They refuse, reuse and recycle […]

Making Magic Potions

Ingredients for making magic potions : The Magic Onions :

Kitty and Teddy had such a great day yesterday. They made magic potions. All day long! Colorful, bubbling brews. Glittering infusions in silver goblets. Magic potion spells in tiny corked bottles. They spent hours enchanted. Magic is so much fun!     We collected all of my silver… my silver goblets, teapots and milk jugs. […]

Friday’s Nature Table

Forest Themed Birthday Party -

Welcome to Friday’s Nature Table where we share our nature-inspired activities and creations. Here’s such a fun link from last week… a ‘Forest School Birthday Party‘ in the woods! If you’d like your link to be featured next week, be sure to link back to The Magic Onions somewhere on your blog. Can’t wait to […]