Upside-Down Peach Cake Recipe : Baking With Kids

Fresh Cake Recipe with photos of kids baking from The Magic Onions Blog

Teddy, the baker in the house, baked the most delicious UPSIDE-DOWN peach cake from one of my favorite recipes (which I’ll share with you below). Our peach tree is laden with peaches and so we are doing all kinds of fun baking with peaches. This cake was a HIT and is all gone now.   […]

Mulberry Jam Recipe

photo of a jar of mulberry jam in my pantry

Our mulberry tree is laden with mulberries. Every day, we all eat our fill of sweet lovely berries : us, the birds, the bunnies and even Moose, the dog… and yet, we just can’t keep up. Our sweet tree just keeps on giving. What to do? Mulberry jam, of course… we make mulberry jam! And, […]

An Easy Cake Recipe for Kids

photo of a cake recipe for kids

Teddy is the baker in the family. He loves to cook and bake. We have a cake recipe that he can just about make all on his own. And, it’s delicious too! And, do you know the amazing thing? The mess he makes is so worth a slice of delicious cake!     Here is […]

Cupcakes for Neighbors

photo of a kid making a cupcake

We showered our neighborhood with cupcakes! For 18 months, A Good Man has been building The Sunny House and now that we are in our beautiful new home at last, and enjoying every amazing corner of it, we do often spare a thought for our poor neighbors who had to endure 18 months of building […]

Recipie for Scottish Shortbread Cookies.

There’s nothing quite like a few homemade shortbread cookies for Sunday afternoon tea. Today is my mother’s birthday and if you were with us, Mom, we would have celebrated by eating these with you today. Well, we’ll just have to wait another month for your visit! The kids love making shortbread cookies. It think it’s […]

Birthday Honey Cupcakes.

In a Waldorf Kindergarten, a child’s Birthday Celebration is a magical experience. The 6th birthday is a momentous milestone… the child is thought to transition from their Heavenly Being into their Earthly Being. They settle into themselves and find their footing among the earthly aspects of our world. Today, we celebrated K’s 6th Birthday at […]