Teddy : You Are Nine! A Birthday Letter

Birthday Letter for Teddy from The Magic Onions

I write a letter to my children on their birthdays each year. It has become a tradition I cherish, a time for reflecting on each child and recording the little things from the past year that come together to make our lives so beautifully meaningful. Teddy, you are nine today. This is a big one […]

To My Beautiful Girl on your Eleventh Birthday : Birthday Letter

My Dearest Kitty, I feel so lucky to be your mom. You are strong and kind and thoughtful and it’s an honor to walk with you as your path opens up before us. As you move into your second decade and your mind, body and spirit blossoms into the beautiful lotus flower you are destined […]

Teddy Bear Turns Seven : A Birthday Letter

May 1, 2014. My Darling Teddy, Today you are seven. I smile as I write this as I am thinking of when we lay in your bed last night and you whispered, in a voice full of wonder… ‘I can’t believe it… I can’t believe I will be seven!’ I can hardly believe it either. […]

Ten :: A Birthday Letter

My Beautiful Kitty, It is an honor to be your mom. You have brought us 10 years of joy. Your dad and I marvel at the girl you have become. You have grown so much in this past year… in height (you are almost as tall as I am) and in so many other ways […]

Teddy Bear :: A Letter on your 6th Birthday

To my Beautiful Teddy Bear, my May Day boy. Today you are 6! How time with you has flown by. I remember, like it was yesterday, holding your warm little body in my arms on that first day I met you. I watched your face become beautiful, your little nose, your sweet blue eyes, imprinted […]

My Teddy Bear : A Birthday Letter

To my sweetest Teddy Bear, On May Day, you turned 4! You are still my little baby, as you like to remind me often as you curl up in my comfy lap. I remember like it was yesterday, holding your beautiful, tiny, body in my arms on the day you were born, how I watched […]

A Mother’s Love : Birthday Letter on Kitty’s 6th Birthday

My little girl celebrated her 7th Birthday at school today. Waldorf schools have a special birthday circle celebration for each child on his or her birthday but as Kitty turned 7 while we were in South Africa, today was her special day. The birthday girl sits on the special birthday chair at the head of […]

Today You are Two : A Birthday Letter

My beautiful boy, today you are two and today I want to thank you for the gift that is you. You are my blue-eyed, blond-haired, Teddy Bear Boy and I love you with all my heart. To celebrate the joys you have brought into our family, I have put together a few photos of all […]