Insights into the ‘Boy’ Brain.

Watching my little boy growing up, I find myself constantly amazed at how different he is from his sister. His mind just works in a different way. I notice that he is drawn to the mechanics of how something works… he likes to watch the wheels of his truck turning around, sometimes spinning them super […]

Make Bark Boats.

We made Bark Boats today and took them to our local nature center to race down the stream. It was such fun that we had to do it again… and again… and again. Mr T’s boat was the fastest and won most of the races. He is a natural sailor. I took wonderful photos to […]

How to make a Walnut Boat.

Waldorf education has been a great gift to our family. We happened upon it when K was 3 and fell in love with its gentle, nature based learning. Slowly, we have incorporated many of the Waldorf philosophies into our everyday lives. I did not expect to find myself raising my family in one of the […]