Why Is Art So Good For The Developing Brain : Discovering Waldorf

Kitty spends hours drawing. She uses a pencil and eraser at first and then, when she’s happy with her work, she traces over her drawing with black pen. Her concentration is intense. And, her desire to draw is intense too. I’m so proud to see her working so hard at it. Amazed to see the […]

Discovering Waldorf – ‘Waldorf from a Neuroscientific Perspective’

Why Waldorf Educations works from the perspective of Neuroscience from Dr Reggie Melors on The Magic Onions Blog

Last year, I attended a lecture given by Dr Reggie Melrose. The topic of the lecture was on brain development and, specifically, how cutting-edge neuroscience supports Waldorf theories. She was utterly fascinating and her insight into the developing brain was truly enlightening. I couldn’t believe our luck when she agreed to share her expertise with […]