Autumn Camping

One of the coolest things about living in Southern California is the gorgeous weather. Autumn lasts well into December and fall camping trips are a family favorite. We live in such a huge metropolis… houses and lawns and cars and traffic, people and rushing and so much city life. It gets too much for us […]

All in a Day

Some precious moments from our day camping in the mountains… We were lucky enough to stay in our friend’s gorgeous mountain cabin, early morning coffee while we prepared the fishing rods, chocolate croissants for breakfast, fisher-boy, early morning lake scenery, Kitty drawing, an afternoon stroll through the woods, beauty, huge trees, brand new oak leaves. […]

Late Autumn Camping

We are so lucky to live in Southern California where the weather is perfect for most of the year. This means that we can go camping just about all year round. Speaking of camping, I wanted to share ths post from a few years ago…  : : : Our little family of 4 live in […]

Our Little House in the Big Woods.

I am sooooo sorry for my abrupt absence! You see what the stress of having to choose a winner for the Fairy Garden Competition did? Just too hard to decide, so, we did the next best thing… we procrastinated and went camping! Choosing a winner has been delayed but will happen, anon (keep checking in, […]

May I have S’more!!

To all of my American friends… I bet you can’t believe that the first time I ever tried a S’more was a few years ago on our first American camping trip. I’m totally serious… I’d never even heard of a S’more before then. Yes, we grew up roasting marshmallows over the coals, but a S’more, […]

These are the Days.

Oh, the excitement of camping… setting off for somewhere new. Our little family of four… together… exploring… sharing… making memories. Up the Southern Californian coast this time to a breathtakingly beautiful beach called El Capitan, just outside of Santa Barbara. So many beautiful moments… Breathing smoke like dragons into the cold, early-morning air. Our misty […]

Name the Bird…

Now this is a bird after my own heart! Can you guess what his name is? Yes, he is a woodpecker, but what type of woodpecker? I’ll give you a clue… YOU GOT IT!! He is an Acorn Woodpecker! Look at what he does! He makes hundreds of little holes all over the tree trunk […]

Home of the Apple Pie.

On a whim, we packed up the RV and set off on a camping weekend. We headed to Julian, the home of the apple pie… Such a quaint little town, old fashioned and sleepy and filled with pie shop after pie shop filled with delicious pastries and steaming pies. We had our fair share, And […]