Make a Beeswax Luminary

Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful friends! I hope your day if filled with love and happiness and special kisses. This morning, Kitty and Teddy went off to school, each with a basket of valentines for their classmates. Kitty had made little heart shaped mice for each of her friends. Teddy… his Valentine’s will be receiving […]

Make a Woodland Luminary

It’s fun to eat dinner in the dark. In the summer time, Teddy and Kitty have to go to sleep when it’s still light outside. But, in the winter time, it gets dark at around 5 and we can enjoy a lighted candle or luminary on the dinner table. We had fun today, making a […]

Sparkly Valentine’s Votives

One thing we love about the shorter days of winter, is that it can be fun to eat our dinner by candlelight. We get fill our dinner table with all the candles we have. It feels so festive and pretty as the light dances on our faces. And then, of course, it’s super fun to […]

How to make a Lantern for Winter Solstice.

Today is Winter Solstice… the shortest day of the year and tonight will be the longest night. It is a time to celebrate and mark the year by inviting the light back into our lives. In all this darkness, it is a time to reflect inwardly and ask that light and warmth grow our hearts […]

Make a Christmas Candle Holder.

Whenever we walk on the beach, we always come away with an armload of beautiful driftwood. There is always some to be found… little treasures from faraway lands, bleached pale from their long ocean travels. So, what do you do with your armloads of driftwood, you ask? Sometimes we use it to build a magnificent […]

How to make Beeswax Window Hangings.

We are having so much fun decorating our home this Christmas with natural, handmade treasures. Today we made beeswax window decorations. I adore these! The smoothness of the wax and the warm caramel color is so pleasing to look at. But the thing I love most about beeswax window hangings, is when the winter sun […]

Make a Thanksgiving Walnut Candle.

Continuing with our Handmade Holidays, today we made sweet little walnut candles. They are enchanting little gifts from nature, made with walnut shells and beeswax. They will flicker warmly on our Thanksgiving table. We needed… walnuts (halved and shelled) and other pods a jar of beeswax candle wicks and scissors We used 3 walnut halves, […]

How to make a Walnut Boat.

Waldorf education has been a great gift to our family. We happened upon it when K was 3 and fell in love with its gentle, nature based learning. Slowly, we have incorporated many of the Waldorf philosophies into our everyday lives. I did not expect to find myself raising my family in one of the […]