How To Make Beautiful Butterfly Rocks

With the pretty transferables that were left over from making our school lunch containers yesterday, we decided to make, as Kitty calls them, ‘Beautiful Butterfly Rocks’We chose some wonderfully smooth pebbles and made sure they were clean and dry. Then we rubbed the butterfly transferables onto the rocks. Voila!! ‘Beautiful Butterfly Rocks! Kitty chose her […]

Let’s Make Beaded Moblies (and conquer our inner Smeegles)

We have been doing a little Spring cleaning… I know, I know… I’m a little late for Spring! But, it does feel so very good to purge the cluttered spaces. I find that not only does it clean the space out, it cleanses the soul too. And, there’s nothing like knowing that ones Mom and […]

Finger Knitted Flowers.

I was the luckiest mom on Mothers Day. I received two very precious gifts… a hand-dyed silk scarf from Teddy that he had painted for me in school (I’m wearing it now as it’s a rainy Spring day here in Southern California). From Kitty, I received an utterly gorgeous finger knitted flower that she made […]