How to Build Your Waldorf Community :: Discovering Waldorf

How to Build a Waldor Communtiy from Discovering Waldorf Education on The Magic Onions Blog

How to Build Your Waldorf Community –   by Meredith Floyd-Preston     “Finish up your snack. It’s time to go wait for Daddy.” It was 4:00 on a November Wednesday and I was preparing my 1-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son for the “wait for Daddy” afternoon practice that had been in place for months. It […]

Favorite Waldorf Morning Verses for The Grades

Favorite Waldorf Morning Verses for The Grades :: The Magic Onions Blog

It is customary to say a morning verse at the start of each day in Waldorf schools, in kindergarten and in the grades. One of the reasons why Waldorf education is so successful in educating kids who excel, is that teaching methods meet students where they are developmentally, in a deep and authentic way. The […]

Favorite Waldorf Morning Circle Verses for Kindergarten

Favorite Waldorf Morning Circle Verses for Kindergarten on The Magic Onions Blog

The beauty of Waldorf education is that it meets the child where he is developmentally. The synergy of Waldorf teaching methods and child development is discussed wonderfully in an article by Dr Reggie Melrose called ‘Waldorf from a Neuroscientific Perspective‘. The Morning circle is a great example of how Waldorf meets the young child where […]

A Perpetual Waldorf Calendar :: Discovering Waldorf Education

DIY Perpetual Waldorf Calendar :: Discovering Waldorf Education ::

We have the most beautiful perpetual circular Waldorf calendar hanging on our wall. It’s drawn by Phoebe Wahl and depicts a delightful gnome family going about their seasonal days. My children consult it often. They turn the season dial at the start of each season (March on top now on top). They write in important […]

I Chose Love Instead of Anger :: Discovering Waldorf Education

Choose love : The Magic Onions

You came to me in the night to say that you had been bitten by a mosquito. I wanted to scold you and remind you that I’d told you to keep your window shut. But I didn’t. I got out of bed and we searched your room until we found him and made him no […]

Nature in Waldorf : Discovering Waldorf Education.

Nature in Waldorf Education : Discovering Waldorf Education :

I love it when I rediscover something beautiful, something that moved me years ago… and find that it moves me still, just the same. Such is how I feel about this Discovering Waldorf Education post I stumbled upon a few days ago. In fact, it was the very first article in the Discovering Waldorf series, […]

Natural Toys : Discovering Waldorf Education

Natural Toys : Discovering Waldorf Education :

A series that explores the ideas and philosophies behind Waldorf Education…   For more information on Waldorf Education, please visit the Discovering Waldorf Series from the Waldorf tab in the Navigation bar. Blessings and magic, Donni Are you interested in a Waldorf-inspired lifestyle? Sign up to receive helpful new Discovering Waldorf articles. Email Address First […]

How Can Homeschooling Fit Into My Busy Life? :: Discovering Waldorf

Donna, from The Waldorf Connection is here to share an article on how homeschooling can fit into our busy lives.     How can homeschooling fit into my busy life? These days everyone seems busier than ever and if you have one or more young children, you can feel like a juggler with too many […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Discipline in a Waldorf School

Waldorf Discipline - Discovering Waldorf -

To paraphrase Maple Village School’sAdministrator, Christina Sbarra, parents who have chosen to send their children to Waldorf schools have chosen a unique education, an education with great depth, wisdom, and richness.   By taking up the task of understanding that education more fully, parents can support their child’s (children’s) learning that much more. We need to […]

Discovering Waldorf :: Rhythm

Understanding Rhythm on Discovering Waldorf Education with The Magic Onions Blog

Today, Donna Ashton is here to revisit the importance of rhythm in our days. ::: Why is Rhythm so Important?  by Donna Ashton of The Waldorf Connection Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. You see this word everywhere, right? In my opinion, it is the foundation of our days and “the” secret to having a happy, smooth running […]